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Scott Hesselink aka Spaziale is a DJ and record collector from San Francisco, California. His Porno Disco mix series have already gained a cult status. Scott describes his style as “soaring, suspenseful, lonely, propulsive, watery, romantic, warm, expansive, pastoral, reflective, with voices”. And we heard that his record on Forest Jams is out from the pressing plant yesterday and should be available in shops very soon! So check out his five favorite records 😉

Alberto Baldan Bembo ‎– Lingua D’Argento LP (1976, Aris)
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A review on IMDB for “Lingua D’Argento” aka “Emmanuelle’s Silver Tongue” says to skip the film and play the soundtrack, and for good reason: The entire LP from beginning to end is a masterpiece. What really does it for me personally is “Oblo”, a dreamy chorus harmonizes with flute and lush strings over rhythm for a generous five plus minutes. European disco lovers will fall in love with the funky “Savanna”, “Magnolia”, and “Tema Di Nadia”. Also, the string arrangements on “Mubu” are just incredible. The LP is housed in a silver printed gatefold sleeve with color photos of Carmen Villani and Nadia Cassini on the interior.

Bembo - Lingua D'Argento

Betty & Beverly Prudhomme ‎– Tut Tut Twins 7″ (1979, Cobra Eye)
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It’s hard to miss this record at first glance – an enlarged gold label 45 with “Cobra Eye” printed in all caps. “Tut Tut Twins” was written by twin sister song-writing extraordinaries Betty and Beverly Prudhomme in 1979. The twins are alive and well, and I had the pleasure of speaking with Betty as an excited fan, and also to clarify some of the lyrics. The opening melody of the track came to each twin individually in a dream after viewing the “Treasures of Tutankhamen” exhibition in Los Angeles in 1978. The next morning, they immediately put pen to paper, and wrote “Tut Tut Twins”. They hired Gerald Lee as producer and the rest was magic: a hypnotic disco masterpiece that grows and grows on you. “Reincarnation / Tut Tut’s generation / Dancin’ and singin’ / ahhh ahhh ah ah …”

Betty & Beverly Prudhomme - Tut Tut Twins

Various ‎Artists – Quarta Pagina (Poliziesco) LP (?, Fonit Cetra International)
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Braen and Raskovich are aliases for Alessandro Alessandroni and Guiliano Sorgini, respecitively. Marking the beginning of the 7000 series on the enigmatic Fonit label, this record is nothing short of an Italian psychedelic masterpiece. There is a broad range of styles from sultry female bossa on “Il Covo” to the tense exotic percussions of “Indizio”. My favorite track “Incriminazione” is credited to Sorigini, however you can hear the rhythmic Alessandroni influence: incessant guitar scales in “Agonia” style are punctured by random stabs of percussion and (as the listing on popsike refers to as) “mental screaming vocals”.

Braen Raskovich - Quarta Pagina

Franco Micalizzi ‎– Laure LP (1976, RCA)
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“Laure” is the soundtrack scored by Franco Micalizzi to the 1976 film of the same name, also known as “Forever Emmanuelle”. Some tracks can also be found on the “Bistro – Erotica Italia” compilation from 1997, namely the hypnotic “Mara’s Theme” and the tempo-building “Crescendo”. Unfortunately, my favorite track “Manille” can only be found on the original LP or CD reissue. “Manille” features a breathtaking female vocal melody that soars over a funky smooth groove in the Micalizzi “Chi Sei” style.

Franco Micalizzi - Laure

Piero Umiliani ‎– Il Corpo LP (1974, Sound Work Shop)
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The “Il Corpo” soundtrack was composed, arranged, and conducted by Piero Umiliani in 1974 and published on the Sound Work Shop label. It is third in a trilogy of soft-core erotic thrillers directed by Luigi Scattini, the others being “La Ragazza Fuoristrada” (1971) and “La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna” (1972). The A1 (“Hard Times”) and B1 (“Chaser”) tracks from the score are incredibly powerful, my favorite being “Chaser”. The back cover describes “Chaser” as “A modern, mossa, athematic rhythmical composition, with acoustic effects like those caused by bows.” Solo wah-wah guitar kicks off the track as cascading keys and percussion rattle over a pulsing baseline. The record sleeve itself is also something to behold: Zeudi Araya lies nude in sand, printed in brown ink on an uncoated marigold paper stock.

Piero Umiliani - Il Corpo

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