Top-5: Robert Bergman


We discovered Robert Bergman via Soundcloud and now we know him as one of the finest (and funniest too) Amsterdam selectors. He “likes Avocado’s, French fries and fabric softener”. Also a note from the master: “There’s no such thing as a rigid top-5, it changes with times I guess”. So here’s current top five records of Robert.

J Dilla – Donuts 2xLP [Stones Throw Records, 2006]


For me this record really got me going… It’s insane how it leapt between states, you can really get into this if you’re not that into music but it’s also done super crafty & knowledgable, that makes you want to get more into the music. Starting to think about collecting records and interpretating them in your way started with this one. Way essential!


Jeff Phelps – Magnetic Eyes LP [Engineered For Sound, 1985]


I’m not really sure what makes it so special… But it is special. Solid drum programming, beautiful synths and lovely vocals on top of that. Love songs & heartbreak on every song of this DIY soul masterpiece. Lovely pictures of Jeff and his wife too.


Fingers Inc. – Another Side 2xLP [Jack Trax, 1988]


My favourite ‘house’ record, or dance record, or ‘recorded by 3 guys record’. Into all Larry’s works… Like everybody, but this album still remains something really special. It embodies something special from a very specific time and place, for me it is slightly problematic too, how can modern (dance) music compete with it’s origins when it’s executed so perfectly (without sounding perfect /boring as music does often).


Selda – Anayaso / Bad-I Sabah 7″ [Yavuz Plak, 1974]


For me records also function as tokens or photographs as reminders of what has been. And this Selda song, which is truly beautiful even if I have no idea what she’s singing about, also represents a timespan in which I found a lot more (to me) new music. Not sure what else I could say as I don’t have too much background knowledge on Selda, except that I need a new copy of it as mine is getting a bit battered…


Unit Moebius – Bunker 003 LP [Bunker Records, 1993]


This record is a big big inspiration for me. It shows how music you love can be used as inspiration for your own works without losing your own identity or becoming a weak copycat. The B2 (no names given on the record, sorry!) on this record has been haunting me for ages… Well worth being on the look out for if you’re into early 90’s European underground dance music.


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