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Our next topfive arrived from the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains – Parker Harris is living there in Altadena, CA with his wife and little son. Parker aka P Relief just released one of the best records of January, split EP with one and only Diego Herrera on their new label P&D Records (the next release is scheduled in May btw). Parker also making Kinda show on dublab and enjoying life in California. So check the top, grab the P&D 01 and celebrate the new promising label 🙂


Pharoah Sanders – Thembi LP [1971, Impulse!]

I found this at a local record fair. I’d seen Pharoah Sanders’ name before and figured the record had to be interesting given its cover. The opening track “Astral Traveling”…pppffftttt. I have a hard time describing music and tend to get verbose and a little cheesy. But, this song is a really beautiful piece of music. I recently realized it was written by Lonnie Liston Smith who I also love.



Dhuo – Walkin’ 12″ [1984, Sire]

Another discovery from a local fair. I half expected this to be some boogie record but the first time I listened I was all “oh yeah, this song!” thinking I knew it. Then, I realized I’d never heard it before. It’s one of those songs that sounds like something you know, some vague hit from the ’80s but in reality it probably only ever had lukewarm reception/success. I really like the dub version and used to play it every week at a night Diego and I had here in LA.



Cocteau Twins – Otherness 12″ [1995, Fontana]

This EP is a collection of alternative versions of 4 songs over 3 studio albums from Cocteau Twins. I love this band and have probably listened to them more than any other group or artist. The version of “Seekers Who Are Lovers” on this record is amazing. It has this languid beat and super lush textures. Totally stunning



Gemini – Shadowland 12″ [1997, Distance]

I haven’t had the same revelatory “oh shit, what IS this” moment with another artist the way I did with Gemini. The first track I heard (“U Know How I Feel” on Relief Records) was at a record store in Berlin and I was captivated. The Nina Simone sample and the drum programming. I’ve been a drummer since I was 10 and always pay close attention to the drums and percussion in songs. And, Gemini, man, he is just loco with the rhythms. While I’d be hard pressed to find a bad Gemini record to choose, I think this EP – four songs from the In Neutral LP that didn’t appear on the original vinyl release – is indicative of what it is about Gemini’s music I find so endearing. The tough, inventive drums and mystical sonic landscapes combine super well and you can feel “the human touch” in Gemini’s music. It’s club music as it should be: creative and transcendent.



Everything But The Girl – Each & Every One 12″ [1984, Blanco Y Negro]

I discovered this right around the time my son was born. And although the lyrical content has ZERO to do with the joys of being a new parent, this song is intrinsically tied into a momentous time in my life. A beautiful song, plain and simple 🙂


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