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Welcome on board on Air’O’Phobia Air, the one and only airline which caters specifically to people who’s solely destination is escapism. I’m very pleased that Krossfingers invited me to share our top-5 to go to destinations. Let me take you on a trip: each destination is a more exquisite than the other, greener grass, yellower sunsets & beaches with sand from colours you never knew! These are the things you find, taking a trip with Air’O’Phobia Air in mind.

Everybody’s on the waiting list
No one get’s a visitation
Doesn’t matter where you want to go
But if you know what you want to get

Come on and scroll down
So come on, come on, get yourself scrolling down
Extinguish cigarettes, fasten safety-belts. Acceleration, acceleration, take off!

First destination: France
Let’s get seductive in France… The country of unfalteringly familiar culture, bistros with their plat du jour written down on chalkboards and this:

Philippe Chany – Rive Gauche LP [1983, Polydor]
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I first heard of this record in the mix that Redlight Records Amsterdam has recorded on their opening party and was hooked ever since. Luckily not long after, a copy showed up on the internets.. You have probably heard of the name Philippe Chany from Love International. This though, is his solo project, an allround amazing LP for any situation you can end up being in: whether it is at the beach, Aimez Moi is the one, being lazy at home, Lettre A Monsieur Le Legislateur will set the mood or being in a club, Fiction will do wonders!

Careful though cause:

“Fiction talks right to your brain
Never the same..

..Be different!”


Second destination: Yugoslavia
Exuding a feisty mix of élan and inat (the notorious native trait of rebellious defiance), this country didn’t do ‘mild’!:

Boomerang – Na Zapadu Nisto Novo LP [1982, Diskoton] is a perfect example of that!
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Seriously now, who can resist this cover?! And trust me the music is equally interesting! Even without understanding the lyrics you’ll understand the tone set.

The to go to track is Na Zapadu Nisto Nova, huge favourite of mine to play out in clubs! This track fills up spaces with hauntingly wavy sounds and it’s deep drivin-bass! Prepare to take on a 5 minute long adventure through former Yugoslavia, one for the open minded!


Third destination: Trinidad & Tobago
An exercise in beautiful contradiction, a fine blend of sunny beaches and industrial estates.

Shadow – Sweet Dreams LP [1984, SR Records]
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Like the country itself, this record blends both the sunny and the darker side. The to go to jam is Let’s Get Together. Vibrant reggae new wave hybrid at it’s best! A real late night anthem.

“Let’s Get Together… Together!”


Fourth destination: Germany
Prepare for a roller coaster of temptations as you take in Germany’s soul-stirring scene:

Splash – Wahnsinn, Wahnsinn – Ich Heb Ab 7” [1983, EMI Electrola]
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Yes! This one, this one: it’s silly but somehow, in a funny way, I can completely relate myself to this particular song. Just like Tommi, my hair is my biggest asset and my dreams tent to end up in the wrong places.

This one is all about the B-Side, Tommi Ging Zum Film. The track narrates the story of Tommi, an innocent young boy who wanted to be a movie star but ended up in the gay porn industry. It will set the tone for the night, for sure! WAHNSINN, WAHNSINN, macht mal gut!


Final destination: France
It’s been a fun journey, we’ve reached our final destination, back to France, back to unfalteringly familiar culture and ‘Art de Vivre’ which is a French way of of justifying everyday living like it’s sunday, though I must say, it exudes an intimacy that gets under your skin.

Bella Vista – Mister Wong 12” [1982, Pathe]
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Whether you want to be dubbing out on the beach, or dancing in clubs, this record will bring an ear to ear smile on your face! Just like France, it’s the sweet seductive melody that gets to you!

The to go to track for me is the A side with the vocals in all their glory. Synth-poppy slomo-disco at it’s best!


Thank you for flying with us, hopefully you had a pleasant journey. Until we meet again!


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