The best records of September 2016

Extra-long, XXXL-sized – call this top how you want. 19 records is not a joke! Just check the list of artists who debuted on our pages today: Pelvis, Inga Mauer, Len Leise, Ethimm, Yoshinori Hayashi, Lemmy Ashton, Cale Sexton, Jeremy Hyman, Vul Vulpes, Krakatau, Pelada. Pick some drink and read it till the end ๐Ÿ™‚


Inga Mauer – From Cologne To Clone 12″ [HVNX]
Inga’s debut release was a questin of time. She has a deep background. Her sets are unforgettable. So what do we find on this fresh HVNX 12″? It’s a mini-LP, sounds like road notes. A diary of a powerful, open, energetic person. But after listening you can feel and witness confession and deep feelings of tender girl who learned how to expand this world, who became one of the best female DJs. Inga lived in different cities around the world and of course its fingerprints, influences is live emotions we can understand in these 6 tracks. There are melodic minimalistic techno novels. Inga knows how to catch your attention. Hypnotic but not monotonous, melodramatic but without tears. She’s used to live from Cologne to Clone, to be in endless run, to burn for everyone and no one at the same time. [Artem Super Ikra]


Various Artists – Midnite Spares LP [Efficient Space]
Compilation is a popular format today but some of it stand out with its exclusivity and savagery. So Michael Kucyk released a comp of rare outsider music from 80-90s gathered by Andras and Lewis Fidock. This duo is killer, check out their Boiler Room devoted to the comp. Tracks they compiled here have both special sound and outstanding stories behind it. All we love – rare DIY releases, bedroom recordings, postpunk craziness. And everything was born in Australia! Paradise for a true record freak. [Artem Super Ikra]


Pelvis – Dance Freak 12″ [Pelvis]
Pelvis is a multifunctional sect making parties, cloth and music. They are well-known both in their native Australia and outside it. Label launch was logical, these guys really have something to surprise audience. Dance Freak is permeated with fresh jackin house vibrations that you hear like for the first time. Remixers are super solid here – our favorite Nozaki with crazy acid shower, Mall Grab and DJ Haus. Pelvis created its own club dance freak for export, with his own bow, anthem and ideology. [Artem Super Ikra]


Len Leise – Ing LP [General Purpose]
“I’m burning in the desert, I’m searching for a water and shade” – you can feel desperation and thirst in the voice repeating these lines in the opening track. Also you can see mirages and open hot desert there as a background. Minimalistic balearic reinterpretations of dub music with fresh sonic sounds. The echo machine is winding sounds around your head, your vision is bending, medicine is dissolving and sizzling in a glass. Is it the funniest record this month? Yes, I think so. And of course General Purpose is a label to keep your eye on after such brilliant debut release. [Sasha Tessio]


Tornado Wallace – Tornado Wallace 12″ [Second Circle]
Tornado is back! He is back from the desert because there is some savage, desolate spirit in his self-titled EP. The record 100% pleased, surprised and convinced me with percussions – there are a lot of it in different colors and power, but everywhere it’s bulky so much that I’m dancing wild accompanied with aboriginals here in Odessa. All tracks are full of festive mood, it’s created for dancing on Burning Man, Japanese forest open-airs and crazy Australian raves. Juicy plus size tribal house music with experiments. You can feel the connection with nature closer here than watching Discovery ๐Ÿ™‚ [Artem Super Ikra]


Yoshinori Hayashi – The Forgetting Curve EP 12″ [Jinn]
Yoshinori attracted my ear with his debut on Going Good. This time he opens discography of label from Italy, curated by Raw M.T. – favourite of Kiev’s Wicked Bass Records. Japanese’s creating illogical mosaics. It’s a true avant-garde. Abstract beats are marching with guitar, piano samples. There is a jazz funk atmosphere like in Playing. There is alluring opium smoke in Waterwheel. It was obvious to see DJ Sotofett remix here because Hayashi’s music is close to Norwegian’s. Just save the Jinn’s page to your favourite ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ethimm – When In Dark 12″ [Light Of Other Days]
Modern, tender and clever EP, perfect for the autumn. Music with clear sober mind. Something beautiful is happening in Zurich, it’s creating its own unique sound now. Here trio Ethimm collaborated with Lexx from Phantom Island, he’s reading lyrics above Armando-like melody on background. The first track is a cover of Rhythm & Sound track but the whole EP has its strict dubby spirit, setup is clean and minimal – piano, vocals, bass and synthetic rhythm structures with guitar somewhere. Love this record even more with every listening. [Sasha Tessio]


Rex Ilusivii – Koncert SNP 1983 LP [Offen Music]
Vladimir Ivkovic keeps pushing his big project forward releasing unheard recordings of legendary Mitar Subotic. This time it’s live recording of Rex’ concert, with it you can understand clearer spectrum of his talent. It can take you in a meditative state. Talent mixing cosmic electronics with music concrete, industrial with ambient and library. It’s a real synthetic play in 7 parts, lost in time & space and back to life with hands of mystic enthusiast like a heart with help of defibrillator. [Artem Super Ikra]


Cale Sexton – East Link 12″ [Butter Sessions]
We keep enjoying worldwide revival of analogue music making and the rise of labels which cultivates it. The drum machine is creating tense noisy beat, hi hats cause predictable ecstasy and synths are flying above it in heavy smoke. It’s the second 12″ of Cale Sexton and he knows how to plug his machines correct. The mood is elusive-melancholic everywhere excluding collaboration with label head Sleep D, formidable machine techno. The sax sounds are floating and hanging in the air supported with subwoofer vibrations. Fat as butter! [Sasha Tessio]


Various Artists – Reasons For War 12″ [Dark Leader]
So what’s behind the curtain. One more new label with old friends. Both Emile Strunz aka Neil James Smith from Nottingham and Vincent Koreman aka Drug Culture are creating dark electronics for long time. There is a raw humming noisy house with fat beat in Vincent’s track. You can feel underground atmosphere in it. The second track is my favourite, named after Ancient Egyptian city Bubastis. While Bubastis city was named after Bastet, she was a goddess of happiness and love but also patronised cats. The track is 10 minutes long, you will not notice how you will play it 22 times with compact Eastern acid rhythms. [Artem Super Ikra]


Mind Lotion – Mind Lotion LP [Antinote]
Fantastic Man has his own secret weapon (as every superhero has) – mind lotion. And it creates Astro Girl conquering the world on a French spaceship. To be honest review for this album should be in form of comics! Current album is a relaxed, deep marine and tropical new age house record with lazy romantic guitars. You can hear some connections to D.K. sound here but anyway it’s Antinote style. Thoughtful and harmonious, sort of Mike’s diary of recent years. [Artem Super Ikra]


Jonathan Kusuma – Automatone 12″ [I’m A CLiche]
Anyone can formulate style of music better than its creator I think. Mordor Disco is a perfect depiction of Jonathan’s music, while it’s also a name of one of the tracks on Automaton twelve inch. My copy of Gong 3000, Kusuma’s previous EP on I’m A Clichรฉ, is in VG-VG+ condition cause I’m playing it constantly. Automatone is simplier, Jonathan headed for the distance and marathon this time. And in my opinion Kusuma has enough power and creativity to follow chosen course. [Artem Super Ikra]


Lemmy Ashton – TNC001 12″ [Take No Credit]
It’s double debut again! And all four tracks are brave and diverse. Vicious intoxicating you with acid and electro. Burnin’ Up is opposite – it’s from jazzy house family. Also we have here funky Breaker Breaker. This 12″ left me satisfied. [Artem Super Ikra]


33 10 3402 – LIES 074 12″ [L.I.E.S.]
It’s not the first appearance of Nenad on L.I.E.S. and he’s again on fire. Let’s look at 100 Drone Radio Passive Scape: the biggest track on 12″, it’s like a story from village doctor – it’s running while vine is pouring. Powerful and absorbent bass, dub mood – and the drama full of screaming strings, elephant chants and inflorescence hi-hats is developing on such background. Plus firm Nenad’s mysticism. Or for example, O Tom Potom, where piano melodrama is interacting with experimental and abstract. You can hear sort of nostalgia, sad smile in only dance techno track on this 12″ called Ne Decline. [Artem Super Ikra]


Murray CY – Conformist 12″ [L.I.E.S.]
So what’s so special in this record that we put one more LIES release in our monthly top? First of all it’s figure of Murray CY who’s label head of Contort Yourself from Glasgow. He’s not a beginner in EBM, industrial, experimental music from 80-90s and lo-fi techno. He’s making fantastic edits (check compilation on Knekelhuis) and his own production on Morelli’s label. Talking of EP’s name you should remember cult Bertolucci’s movie. You can hear something similar in Murray’s and AN-I music. At least Stab In The Neck will catch your ear with black magic of techno eclipse and power electronics vibrations. [Artem Super Ikra]


Jeremy Hyman – Couch 12″ [Future Times]
One guitar note is jumping here, there and above the stratosphere in the best cut from debut solo EP of Jeremy Hyman – New Edition. The rhythm is like knife cut with a smile on your face. Fast and merciless. Other two tracks on EP are like synths playing in auto mode on a bright sun, the plastic is melting and sounds are distorting and melting with it. The beat is emerging on the surface of this hot smoking surface as a dolphin from 8-bit game, stops for a moment and then again diving deep inside to the bone. [Sasha Tessio]


Vul Vulpes – Fusion Of Horizons EP 12″ [Vul Vulpes]
Thanks to our Estonian friend Martin from Frotee who shared promo of this release with us. Vul created his own script and vision. It’s a good old story – there are no but styles but there are styles in which you have a weak knowledge. The 12″ is a mix of house, downbeat, wide experiments with beats, samples and vocals. Very saturated, sometimes abstract but melodic music, and you wanna go back to it again and again. [Artem Super Ikra]


Krakatau – Tharsis Montes 12″ [Growing Bin]
My God, Basso started his own label just three years ago and now we see its eight release! Australian guys Krakatau released one LP in 2014, their profile is psych rock, prog and jazz rock. And the most interesting they have authentic sound to late 70s-early 80s with no shit. My favourite is Tharsis Montes, beautiful 10 minutes long synthetic fairy tale. [Artem Super Ikra]


Pelada 7″ [Mind Clear]
First of all it looks gorgeous. Mind experimenting with vinyl package, inventing some bonuses everytime, translating bright and memorable style. The new project is called Pelada – powerful female vocals cutsnight sky and everything moving under acid and EBM flag. Rough, vigorous and revolutionary. [Artem Super Ikra]

Words Artem Super Ikra, Sasha Tessio
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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