The best records of November 2014


Jonathan Kusuma – Gong 3000 12″ [I’m A Cliche]
We’re still impressed by piano killer Nostol released on Turn On Plastic and now Jonathan Kusuma put out another masterpiece, maybe the best dance record of the year, on I’m A Cliche. Gong 3000 is among few records, where there are no faded spot. All tracks are very good and unconventional. The Grand Search is a great example of incredible space odyssey with sticky piano motive. Gong 3000 is a real nuclear electro bomb, it sounds a bit like Full Denm Jacket by Black Merlin. And of course Street Siren is the craziest one, it’s an uncompromising electronic chase with skreaming police cars, chase for dance euphoria, crispy techno symphony. Also want to admit monstrous, dark bedouin style remix of Siren by kings of genre Black Merlin and Gordon “Kunstkopf” Pohl. Go Kusuma go!


An – Gutz 12“ [Cititrax]
It’s next chapter in techno symphony of Lee Douglas under his moniker An-l. Doug opens vessel with techno industrial power and creates new canvases for dancefloors. You are developing yourself till you’re experimenting, Doug proves it. The first track catapulted me into bright times of eye-popping underground hard techno parties in abandoned factories, there were 600-700 people and we were like waiting for the coming of Armageddon 🙂 Dodgy Rut disbands your body into atoms, “shakes your molecules”. Monumental track Save Us closes this 12″ on the magic note, it’s like a techno-prayer. It’s a music from Pandora’s box, majestic techno hymn into heaven!


Atelje – Meditation LP [Vex]
It’s a first solo album from Swedish modest genius Dan Lissvik under his new moniker Atelje. Dan is a very talented musician, I’m a fan of his melodramatic epic Studio LPs on Information, it was a golden era of nu disco. The sound of Atelje is more mature, contemplative but still very rich and sophisticated. There are some elements of Japanese traditional music in it, little live percussion jams, epic lonely guitar moments, dark tango moves, there’s something very strong and healthy in this music. Meditation LP is a perfect soundtrack for the clear view of Alps in my imagination 🙂


Samo DJ presents Sap Sap Seoi La 12° [Public Possession]
To be honest I expected a collaboration between mysterious Samo DJ and the Munich gang. Samo recorded first track and invited his friends Daniel Savio, Sam Nyholm and Taru Tokugawa for other two pieces on this lovely 10″. The record is a great combination of airy morning house jam A1, mind-blowing abstract rough downtempo funk A2 and sample-based sentimental A2. Public Possession keep experimenting and it’s why we love them!


Dunkeltier – Rising 12″ [Macadam Mambo]
I was amazed by unpredictable turn of Macadam Mambo into Minimal Wave, Industrial M Power Electronics. Dunke|tier aka Sneaker is behind this edition of MM, he’s a big specialist in Industrial, EDM, Obscure Italo and New/Minimal Wave. The first track is an edit of notorious project Cosmonaut created by Michael Gutierrez. Dunkeltier added power and scale into track of Belgian band ABC – Gino. Saturday Night stands out, it’s a very post punkish and profound, the most soulful track on the release. But the biggest thing for me is incredible remix of A Dey, it’s an absolute favorite, happy industrial dancel Respect to Dunkeltier for such great findings in stacks Rare EBM and careful work on edits of it.


Roy Comanchero – Lucid Memory 12″ [Running Back]
And the Mystery Man of today is Roy Comanchero! It’s always great to find new musician with interesting. And also happy that Running Back finally got out of its boring sound, I really want to buy this record. Roy crafted emotional, bright sound, it’s a mix of nu-disco and dreamy house, Santa Barbara and drops of 90s. The music is quite nostalgic, sentimental, it’s simple and rich at the same time. And thanx to odd artwork it feels like it should be the perfect soundtrack for a voyage on a car somewhere near the ocean.


Unknown Artist-Jolly 019 12″[Jolly Jams]
DJ Kaos… sorry, Unknown Artist dropped bomb on Jolly Jams label! It’s a hot dance record, cocktail of fat dub, tricky vocals, druggy rhythms, disco samples, trance rhythms and acid lines. All three tracks are dance floor monsters! Don’t know where Dennis finds time for studio work in his super busy DJ schedule, but this 12” is really strong, one of the best on Jolly Jams.


Secret Circuit – Cosmic Vibrations LP [Emotional Response]
The art of Eddie is super strong because he can mic freedom, organic and exotic musical approaches. He’s cosmic blues ranger, musical bioluminescent of our generation, he can turn the fire into water, tropics into cosmos, dubby ambient into dust of the Moon. He amazed us with fruitless in Cosmic Vibrations, every piece is solid, it has heart and harmony. For example Cartusian Log Book is an exceptional variation of tropic liquid house, it is created by the laws of nature and turned into sound. Or laid back and super atmospheric acid guitar blues message She Got Love – it is door into your soul. This record of Secret Circuit is another devilish Marakoth abyss of musical ingenuity, sound experiments and sub-consciousness pazzles. Cosmic Vibrations is a crystal of your freedom!


Etienne Jaumet — La Visite LP [Versatile]
Sometimes I feel like I can sell my soul for French experimental electronic records:) New longplay of Etienne “Zombie” Jaumet on Versatile is very diverse, full of crazy sounds and combinations. Bubbling, shooting and massive, like a giant octopus, intro track Metallic Cages (we are looking forward also to a record with remixes of the track) grabs your attention and didn’t give you a chance to distract from it. Then we hear main theme, spiritual morning glory La Visite. Then Etienne starts his shrill, space, rocket The Dirt Part Of The Dust and Module Mou, which create a feeling of total weightlessness and contact with Nirvana. I want to admit experimental house Anatomy Of Synthesizer on the B-side, I see like Ivan Smagghe already rocking crowd with it. Thick Stuck In The Shadow Of Your Love is also very good. And Midnight Man is closing an album, for me it’s a perfect soundtrack for Drive movie.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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