The best records of March 2015


Gavin Russom – Mantle Of Stars 12″ [L.I.E.S.]
We finally accepted legendary label from NYC because of bomb release from Gavin Russon. It’s a one big livejam on dusty sexy old machines. You can hear something familiar on this record, something sound like Doug Lee or Hugo. Mantle Of Stars is a peak-time melting pot, massive rave from Matrix, the broken electro station with fire around you. Percussive Brood Queen gives you a portion of compressed warm air and time to look around. And finally you dip into endless monotonous mad dance with The Telstar Fire. It’s a big record for Gavin. I think this 12” feels in your hands like a piece of dinosaur or mammoth 😉


Drumtalk – Drumtalk 12″[Huntleys & Palmers]
Our favorite Huntleys & Palmers don’t wanna leave our tops. This time fresh Drumtalk from London shook our heads with good proportions of bass, house, tropical exotica and surfboard balancing rhythms. Heady atmospheric Euphonia bares nerve endings guiding to a place of your most precious reminiscence. Halo is dual like Sheridan’s, it is soaked with drumrolls, unexpected pauses, it sounds cheeky and energetic and you just can’t stand it. Track Everything is bright, flashy and exhibitionistic, it sounds like a perfect track for a fashion show. And the most exciting track is Ishtar, you can feel an unstable love of a Goddess there right from the start. You get higher and higher, and then you find yourself in a place with no time and borders. You are the world mind and you’re going to a record store to buy this EP.


Various Artists – Disco Halal Vol.1 12″ [Disco Halal]
Disco Halal says “Hello, World” with its first release and it sounds great! All experts of Arab-Turkish dance gathered in one place. Acid Arab starts with devastating edit, it cuts the ground under your feet. The fat, hot and flamy rhythm of Le Gaz Qui Fait Rire contrasts with nacrous-tender and meditative Pelgey Mayim. Mehmet Aslan kills it with dreamy Yasadim. It’s an amaing start, looking forward what’s next!


Orestt – L’Age de glace 12″ [I’m A Cliche]
I’m A Cliche is one of the best labels at the moment for dark experimental dance music. French debutant Orestt continues the line of releases from Moscoman, Red Axes and Jonathan Kusuma. L’Age de glace 12″ is a perfect warm-up record with huge dark canvases like title track or creepy Delta. The rhythm is slow, the tension grows. Our favorite Indonesian producer Kusuma added his firm elastic swaying beat to the title track and yes, it’s killer. It’s black, it’s industrial and it’s powerful!


Beppe Loda – Obscure Cuts 12″ [Oscillator]
Italian disco expert Beppe Loda released the first record on new Oscillator imprint. It’s cool edits of two legendary 7″ classics: Flavio Scogna – Drum’s Explosion and Cento – Photochrome. The tracks are like animated sculptures, it sounds fresh after master’s touch. It breaks our imagination like comet breaks night sky. Loda’s 12″ is a nuclear mix of obscure cuts that will pierce your heart and mind, because the name of it is Eternity.


INIT – Talking About Talking 12″ [Hivern Discs]
Nadia D’Alo and Benedikt Frey are behind the new project INIT on Hivern Discs, the duo’s perfectly mixing leftfield, techno, acid, post punk, psychedelia and kraut. Meditative, wet Talking About Talking opens the record. You are permeated with storming rhythm and sacral vocals about eternity. Your beloved C.P.I. made their firm chic magnetic remix of this thing which already is the best artifact for the dancefloor. Cosmic and eschatological Blackbird tempts us with stumbling groove, acid battles and luminous vocals of Nadia, which sounds like the Sign. Willie Burns and Cliff Lothar made their versions of Blackbird. The first embodied the idea of complete spiritual liberation and created the magic ecstasy-psychedelic odyssey. And the second tempers volcano of passion, added industrial lava and turned Blackbird into a Firebird.


Ostra Discos — Turkish Delights 12″ [Ostra Discos]
Another debutant Ostra Discos released conviencing compilation of Eastern candies. Finally we got amazing reworks from Kozmonot on vinyl. There is also legendary edit of Mogollar’s Cigrik by Kaan Duzarat, which was played by Baris K on BIS in 2012. We can hear it here in new version including yaybahar recording played by genius Gorkem Sen. Other edits by Muzika Salim and Donende sound mystic, captivating with its otherworldly, creepy and sucking like quicksand groove. This compilation will last in your DJ bag for a long time.


Jonny Nash – Exit Strategies LP [Melody As Truth]
Irrepressible romantic and exquisite minimalist Jonny Nash released his next work Exit Strategies LP right after sensational Phantom Actors EP. Jonny gave us 8 Exits, we can walk through it and rise above yourself, above all mortal, material and household. Nash is a master of audio installations, intimate guitar riffs and new-age sketches, he translates absolutely different way of thinking. You feel the world stops around you, an endless stream of information and bustling traffic disappear, and you finally got the possibility to look inside your soul and environmental essence. Nash creates the space of options, shining brilliants where you can see yourself.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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