The best records of January 2015

Lena Willikens — Phantom Delia EP 12″ [Comeme]
It’s cool when your favourite selectors are creating their own stuff and it doesn’t disappoint but inspires you. It happened this time with the debut of Lena Willikens out on our beloved Comene. Lena created mystical, bizarre, ritualistic way of the universe. The queen of obscure dance is balancing on the edge of industrial, leftfield, experimental and techno. My favourite here is Noya Noya, it’s desperate, dark track with steel rhythms and electric groove. Phantom Delia sounds like an apocalyptic hymn, it can be a soundtrack to a great drama movie. The whole record is solid and powerful, it’s 10 of 10!


Dude Energy – Dude Energy 12″ [Animals Dancing]
Diego Herrera smashed our heads, he sent deadly electric impulse right in our minds, frozen our hearts. The Renee Running is an ice cold polyhedron, it floats in oily liquid, it’s shimmering from inside with violet and lime green light, the polyhedron is moving super quick and it’s dangerous. Don’t touch it! Some Desire has more chill vibe, there is sun of LA inside of it, I like the experimental beat structure of these new creatures of Diego. It’s really really a new fresh word in dance music (hate the word “house music”). Want to admit also Animals Dancing is the most promising label of this year in our opinion, guys put out 2 records and both are bangers, so we’re waiting more!


No Zu — Medusa Music EP 12″ [Home Loan Records]
Fresh release from No Zu project on Michael Ozone’s Home Loan Records annazed us. The record is a synthesis of Australian-Greek magic, mythical tropical house psychedelia column, sworn altar, woven from percussion vine. Smash hit Mystic C is full of extravaganza Dionysian rampage and divine power. There is passionate Greek Key with intricate bass had an affair with hypnotic vocals and you are lost in a spiral pleasure of witchcraft. Alluring, exalted sounds and magical, inimitable groove make this release the music for elite!


Various Artists – Edits Des Amateurs OO2 10″ [Edits Des Amateurs]
Jan Schulte is unstoppable! This record is a collaboration of him and best place in Dusseldorf – Salon Des Amateurs. Jan grew and cultivated his strange sound in this place so it’s a good chance to understand what’s going on inside: leftfield instrumental tunes are mixed with disco b-sides, trance piano lines, drum breakes and smokey dusty slow house jams. It’s a sexy piece of vinyl so grab it and listen with care 🙂


Jaak Jurisson – Jaak Jurisson LP [Frotee]
It’s a very honest, private and emotional release on Frotee. This album is a result of Jaak Jurisson testing his new toy in the studio – Korg synthesizer. It’s a jazz record full of fusion improvisations, deep synthetic melodies, calm harmonies. The mood is calm, quiet and melancholic a bit here. The sound


Tolouse Low Trax – Kadiz 12″ [Kunstkopf]
January 2015 is the month of Salon Des Amateurs – Resident Advisor made brilliant feature about it (such occasion is rare on RA these days) and almost whole its crew hit our top this month 🙂 Kadiz from Tolouse is a 4th release on Kunstkopf. There are bulky, exciting rhythms, industrial vocals, hard steel emotional intensity. Kadiz electrifies you, implements in your brain like psilocybin, pulls your soul, and then returns it to its place after a while, but the soul is qualitatively upgraded now. It’s a wonderful experience. We strongly recommend it to prepared music lovers!


The Gnocchi — Snaker 5 LP [Snaker]
Kazuhiro Nozaki, amazing owner of 10 Inches Of Pleasure Records, musician and collector, released compilation of his library inspired tracks on Snaker. There are strange drum and unusual percussion cutting, something sounds like atari reggae or chip tune dub, synth-funk chaos and harmonious slow dance. Slow analog joy leads you into Japanese electronics paradise. Swwet Music Hard Lights & You sounds especially good, it draws incredible mental pirouettes. Nice & Hard amazes you with its authenticity and leads you to tropics. 8-beat artefact Summer Hard etches in your mind. It’s a striking collector’s pleasure created for record shelf of every true digger!


Various Artists – That’s A Steal! 12″ [That’s A Steal Russia]
Super happy for our Russian friends released this record! It’s not what you expect to hear from “disco-flager-edits” record, it’s a serious edit business and the best selectors are in game. The first thing is a brilliant never-ending groove sampled from some AOR record by Arsenii. The second track is an edit by Shiny Boots, our favourite here, explosive stuff with proper drum beat and super vocals from sort of sexual maniac. The 3rd part is house edit from Mark Shchedrin with cool instrumental break. And the last edit is from Simple Symmetry – tropical dance with female voice and lancinating guitars. Don’t forget it’s a debut record from That’s A Steal Russia label so keep your eye on it!


Various Artists — Acid Arab Collections EP O3 12″ [Versatile]
We’re looking forward to every release from Acid Arab since we discovered them. Guys are producing crazy and unusual stuff. Astral dance from Acid Arab called Zahr sets you into an explosive mood. Then we hear grand flawless A Song For Anna by Gilbr Beesan Rum. Reactive Baghdad inflates degree of the record to the skies. And the final piece is a dance track of January with no doubt. It’s our favourites – shamans Doug Lee and Hugo Capablanca. What a tandem! It’s created to destroy the dance floor, must have!


Hotel Lauer – The Lauhman Brothers 12″ [Kitjen]
Kitjen is a club night at Bar Romantica in Stuttgart run by Igor Tipura who started the label with the same name. Hotel Lauer is a project by Lauer brothers – Phillipp & Jacob. And t’s a loud start for the label. Two tracks are permeated with synthetics, atmosphere of late 80s-early 90s, breath of rave and fat house groove. Both tracks sound Olympic strong and are created for ecstasy drama on the dancefloor. There are hugs, scope, universe, eternity, endless dance. Sure, it will stay for a long time in your DJ bag!


Various Artists – Huntleys & Palmers Chapter 2: Cohorts 12″ [Huntleys & Palmers]
Names of Jan Schulte or Golden Teacher on the record are the sign of quality these days. Especially when this record is out on the perfect Huntleys & Palmers. The first thing is a firm esoteric dance from Jan. City Gym from Oklo Gabon sounds very cool, it smears you literally. Strong, tight-fisted beat is what you need! Other tracks from Sano, Golden Teacher, Usio will not disappoint you too.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio