The best records of January 2014


Gigi Masin — Talk To The Sea 2xLP [Music From Memory]
This month brought us the long-awaited, epic and truly modern classic record from Gigi Masin. There are no words, terms and concepts for Gigi’s music – it is perfect. It is beautiful and organic as a natural phenomenon. It pours and breathes. And, if there is an absolut in our world, the roots of its existence are in Masin’s music. You want to return to this record indefinitely. I even thought about the fact that there is some field of harmony of Masin and if you are not able to experience it in all its glory, then your taste in music is just dust and rubble. Thanks to this record Gigi’s art got second life, we saw him in a couple of super interesting side-projects this year. Happy to see Gigi, a man with a huge heart, finally got recognition. It’s a timeless record!


PP-UTI-02 Tambien Project II [Under The Influence]
“Good news are rare thesedays, and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond” – it’s a quote from Dr Hunter S. Thompson. You can say the same about good techno record nowadays) There arewood, leaves and the smell of fresh deep forest in this brand new Tambien recor. It’s a very organic tribal music with a bit of humour (listen closely to the small details-samples in it). Every release from Public Possession guys is a mustbuy and it’s not an exception!


Wolf Muller – Balztanz 12″ [Themes For Great Cities]
I like the sound of Wolf Muller. Something tells me that this is the music of the future. It is inventive, interesting, unusual. It’s an amazing rhythmic cocktail of experimental tribal disco. Do not take your eyes off this Dusseldorf guys!


Full Circle — Back To Disco Valley 12″ [Crowdspacer]
It’s something deep and unheard back from the early 90s. At this time Alexis Le-Tan (he’s an originator of the Full Circle project alongside Joacim) was experimented with trance records on the wrong speed. The record doesn’t sound cheesy at all. It’s heavy, dangerously explosive stuff. It’s a slow acid bomb and we love it!

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio