The best records of February 2017

Listen what we caught in our web in February 😉

Various Artists – Oz Waves LP [Efficient Space]


Currently, I was cleaning my desk from a useless “nostalgia artefacts”. And I found cardboard package for that Steele Bonus’ fanzine accompanied with mixed CD. Euro punks, disco freaks, synth wizards – they all were inside. The classic record cover with Roland Bocquet posing with synthesizer on one of the first pages… Of course I plunged into memories, admiring the selection and the whole execution of the fanzine. After Odd Waves, Steele made designs for Leo James and different labels of Michael Kucyk. I can compare the understanding of Michael and Steele with duo of Andras and Instant Peterson, btw this quartet can act perfectly together, we saw it several times in their work. And this time Efficient Space releasing the compilation curated by Steele. Australian synth 80s scene of DIY recordings is still a mystery, bottomless pit with delicacies. While Bonus tried to compile the most colourful company of freakazoids from that era. Obscure extra limited cassette tapes. Some stuff from the legendary M Squared label, which should be the usual place for re-pressings in the near future, just remember about Denial’s California Dreaming. Experiments with art rock, pop, tape music, minimal wave and of course synth punk. Listen and buy it asap.

RAMZi – Phobiza Noite Vol 2 12″ [Mood Hut]


It’s a continuation of the RAMZi’s Phobiza series, night (“Noite”) edition this time. It’s also Phoebé Guillemot’s debut on beloved Mood Hut label, which provided killer outlandish artwork for it. “Save Our Planet” may be the motto for the EP, it’s full of field recordings, mesmerizing
percussion, sounds of crickets and other creatures waking up at night. Sometimes the atmosphere is quite deep house, but mostly it’s dub and abstract peppered with some alien voices. There is this feeling of a dream also, feeling of standing on the edge of the universe or peeking into paradise. Very addictive listening.

Raymonde – J’aime Bien Le Tonnerre 12″ [Zebres]


Good news from France! The new avant-garde label is born, it’s called Zebres, and its first release is from Lyon’ shaman, Mus Joutra label owner Thibaut de Raymond aka Raymonde. It’s a great example of gifted, experimental tribal madness. I was shocked after the first listening of this EP. The magic of polyrhythms. La Forte Cinq is an authentic brood vibe. Maybe Raymond spent some time researching on the French Polynesia islands, it sounds mature. I played Rester Pres Du Bord on our recent radio showcase. For Raymonde’ sound has the same spirit with Tolouse Low Trax.

Maizena – Sojouring Music 12″ [No Hands]


Sojouring Music is a modern classic in my opinion. Beautiful (quite classic deep house) melody, organic percussion and a lot of clear sounds and micro details, voices of unknown birds, it creates magic atmosphere, feeling of peace, harmony and also pulls something else deep from your memory. It may become part of upcoming Welcome To Paradise compilation on Safe Trip, but it’s currently made in Denmark 🙂 Maizena is a part of very interesting and productive group of producers from Aarhus including Manmade Deejay and DJ Sports. SPCE adds quite simple drums and percussions to the main track turning it into morning dancefloor anthem. Approval on the flip side is also deep ambient house tune with its own charm, delicate eletronic dust and water sounds. Meditative experience with one side effect – purification of the mind.

Inga Mauer – Shtum 012 12″ [Shtum]


Every music media talking about Mauer atm with news about her debut at Berghain or RA podcast. We are very happy for our friend cause Inga’s confidently turning her dreams into life. So her second release was added to this list immediately. Shtum 012 shows new forms of beat, deep work with the quality and spectrum of sounds, and her own feeling of hypnosis. Mauer’s tracks here are more sweeping, seamlessly tailored, ruthless. Underwater bombs. My fave is Silences, techno library soundtrack for The Night Flier. Tense, full of rattles and vocal instructions from Inga.

Operant – Zero Knowledge 12″ [Instruments Of Discipline]


Luna Vassarotti is curating Instruments Of Discipline since 2014 cultivating musical experiments painted in noise, industrial, techno tones there. She made a mix for our podcast series back then and, to be honest, she influenced me a lot in terms of musical education. So I was really curious about production of Operant – debut production from Luna and her partner-in-crime August Skipper. So what’s inside this record covered in dust of mystery? Insular stands out – industrial techno in its best with Luna’s choking vocals whispering some instructions how to get out of abandoned catacombs of post-apocalyptic city. The duo experimenting on other tracks at full capacity with juicy, dirty, clanking sounds from Lemarchand’s box. Rhythmical noise is playing muscles in Prison 01, I really want to name this style like Pendulum Wave! It’s moving you almost without distinct beat. Operant goin crazy in New Limbs – sounds of crashing buildings, twisted noises, separate drum shots, Vassarotti vocals splitting in pieces. The final track The Alpha Is Destroyed is a true final, mission accomplished. It’s like the vanguard is back in its base through Skipper’s voice labyrynths translating the tasks of the next foray. Guys, we applauded!

Kovyazin D & Moralez – The Night Watch 12″ [Eidetic]


Eidetic is a sublabel of Brokntoys and its start is quite promising. The record is from duo of Russian electro-masters Kovyazin D and Moralez. Alexander Moralez’ discography started around 2004, but everything changed since then: alot of experiments, Kind Human Being alter ego, making parties in Mosaique and the label of the same name. Dmitry Kovyazin is also a well-known in techno circles of Petersburg, he released some EPs on Chiwax. The duo created a dark, elaborate underground world where stalkers, diggers, warlocks and werewolves mixed (like in a Night Watch, the fantasy novel by Sergei Lukyanenko). Solid release.


Focus – Zulu 12″ [Crown Ruler]


Melbourne based music agency and record store Crown Ruler launched their own label with a three track EP from South Africa. These tracks were previously released on a cassette in Johannesburg around 1983. Sello Mmutung and Keith Hutchinson are behind the Focus project. Simple drum synths, recognizable bass lines, cosmic melodies and chants. Our faves are on the B-side: space voyage in Rock Batlanga sounds like a Harvey’s classic, while the Moger is an absolute jam, joyful warm African disco groove which is so adored in Amsterdam’s Red Light District 🙂 Solid release and we need more from the Crown Ruler!

Various Artists – Club V Bee 12″ [Regelbau]


One more record from the same collective of producers from Denmark. The finest deep house, light, percussive and funny. It’s not too serious, it’s gentle, breathing and young. Everything is quite simple but it’s a part of the appeal. Just listen it.

Private Eyes – Mirror Image 12″ [Safe Trip]


Olf Van Elden aka Interstellar Funk is behind Private Eyes moniker, he just released bomb on Rush Hour btw. Dutch electro school showed its power and plenty of ideas one more time. Mirror Page was created in company of Jeroen Kok. And it’s the main track here – clear as tear, very harmonical, full of sad, deep electro poem.

Words Artem Ikra (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10), Sasha Tessio (2, 4, 8, 9)
Pics are taken from Supaidâman TV Series (1978–1979)
Cover illustration Sasha Tessio