The best records of February 2014


Nenad Markovic – Kayto 2xLP [Internasjonal]
Almost everyone who heard Young Marco set on Boiler Room remember its final track: warm, romantic and heart-breaking. It’s a remembrance from your childhood and hope for brighter future at the same time. Today the mystery is unfolded: it was an unreleased track clled Weather from Nenad Markovic’ debut LP. Today is February but this vinyl will bring the summer in your heart. Kayto is a super rare example of deep house album worth listening. Rich colourful sound, fresh percussion, sax, woman cocals with cool echo. Before Kayto LP we knew only dark side of Markovic and this release proved the talent of young Belgradian.


Albion – Free Fantasy Formation 12″ [Forest Jams]
The first release of the new label Forest Jams seems very attractive and persuasive. Exciting edits from Albion soaked aura of wood and push you into a hypnotic dance in the heart of nature where you have a feeling of transcendental dreamlike reality. It’s a magical record, waiting for more from Forest Jams & Albion!

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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