The best records of April 2015


Red Axes – Pil Sagol 12″ [Hivern Discs]
It’s hard to be unmoved to Red Axes work. Guys are always experimenting, creating strange stuff, and we like it. The main action, Pil Sagol, creates the feeling of stretched string, a sense of tickling nerves intrigue, pushes you to the dance with no borders, no bottom, no end and no beginning Pil Sagol awakens instincts and forces you to follow your heart. There is also sweeping and battle Todum Todum. It’s a long distance swim, you feel the power of Hyperborea. Ma & Abra In Ruanda adds tropical reality and mystic into overall tableau.


Andromeda – Andromeda 12″ [Disco Segreta]
Bright disco collector and main contributor of Overfitting Disco blog, Carlo Simula, launched label and its first release is a stunning reissue of one of the most rare dance records – Andromeda. It is a blatantly beautiful, luxurious disco illusion that takes us on an airship through time to eternity. There’re everything that makes true disco music so magic and sincere, so alluring and passionate: the vocal you want to believe in, measured, smooth rhythm, crystal sounds. Both the original and Respectful Extended sound inimitably. Beppe Loda, the true master of a genre, continues the feast of the spirit. It’s a rare occasion of reissue with such love, must have!


Paki & Visnadi – Imaginary Choreograohy LP [Antinote]
This rare tape was found by Gwen Jamois aka lueke, member of Antinote family. Paki Zennaro and Gianni Visnadi created Imaginary Choreography as a record for the dance schools. But for me it’s more like a poetry. An Idyllic poetry. During listening these 5 tracks you feel like observing of miniature evolution process, varied and measured, rich and exciting. It’s a provocative Venetian magic in pure form. You will enjoy it because this record can give you one more life.


Various Artists – Edit Compilation 12″ [Public Possession]
Did you expected super fiesta record from Public Possession? Don’t know why but I really see it as a festival record, there’s so many space inside of these cuts, it’s created to move big amount of people in a trance. The first delicacy from Samo DJ really sets the bar high. Euphoric edit of Flayer song melts your heart in a sugar and blows fireworks from there. You should remember Bubble Club record based on the melody from it and I can’t choose my favorite version. Dr Dunks is more housey, and Samo DJ’s more natural vibe with no drugs. The other three edits are very into drums, “percussion enthusiasts” like Marvin said in our interview. All three are killers. I like kraut mover from Hey Convict! member Tamas Jones. Retro futuristic romantic stuff. Bell Towers and Tambien added dry tropical trance vibes, Idjut Boys-like dub to this compilation. Very very strong dance release from PP empire, 5/5.


Night Music – Transit LP [Mind Records]
The big master of musical reincarnations Shub Roy don’t need any introductions. The Night Music is like a modern beatnik created its own On The Road and called it Transit. It’s an experimental novel about time, motion and space. There are no borders between ambient, techno and industrial, you will dive deep into lowdown of the Earth with this record. Bubbling, overflowing sounds, strange detached motifs and wild beats. It’s an energy out of control, mechanical cry about freedom as it is. Dirty, raw and true, without concessions.


Jack Pattern – Another Language EP 12″ [Lustpoderosal]
Interesting project Jack Pattern released the second record on their Lustpoderosa label. You hear from the first track how volume, heartfelt and real is the music, the sounds that you can hold in your hand, put it in your aquarium or walk with it down the streets. Blackout is a true king, it is a wonderful representative of this disco stargazing, which at one point fills your soul with neon and you can’t stand it. The second favorite is Ruf Dug grand rework of Behau. There are endless happiness, hope and bright perspective. The whole record gives you the feeling of ease and freedom. The music ocean got one more beautiful crystal.


Olde Gods – Shigatsu Kokonoka 12″ [Minor Planets]
We’re skipping so many house releases cause there’re not even minimum variation and ingenuity. But Shigatsu Kokonoka is an opposite. There are sharp beat, fascinating and alluring vocals, unexpected change of tonality, napalm, lust and passion. The original sounds like a burning hot star in a dark speechless sky. Remix from Benedikt Frey opens new edges of the original and turning Shigatsu into sort of saga, gives it the scale of The Colossus of Rhodes. It sounds really epic, even like festival and it’s a good example of remix.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio