The best records of April 2014


Obalski – Introducing Obalski 12″ [Public Possession]
It’s another bullet from Public Possession. It’s like an injection of liquid synthesized tropics directly into the bloodstream. It’s a penetrating psychological thriller. There are exciting, rough, bubbling vibrations. It’s a split ambient from the wood thicket. It’s somewhere beyond god and evil. It’s an absolute creation. Bravo Dominik!


Wildest Dreams – Last Ride / Call To Prayer 7″ [Smalltown Supersound]
We didn’t hear nothing from Harvey’s production for almost 2 years. And we didn’t hear Harvey playing on guitar and singing for 7 years! And now we got such surprise from Harv on Record Store Day: 7-inch of mysterious project Wildest Dreams. It’s Harvey in company of studio musicians singing his own songs, playing on guitars and even making vocals drums! B-side is still a vinyl-only thing so we didn’t hear it, but we heard the A-side and it’s a banger! It reminds me clearly the craziest shots from Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas movie. Crashing cars, skreaming on public, fighting in hotel rooms on acid. It sounds like Led Zeppelin or Doors, forgotten brilliant from the 70s. We are also super happy about because our contributor Sasha Tessio made the artwork for the whole project. More to come: LP with 10 tracks is coming on late July


Sasac, Witch Doctor, Golden Ivy – Chalice001 12″ [Chalice]
Chalice pleased us with a good start. There are always pleasant and sensual, imposing and sentimental Sasac in company of a melodramatic Witch Doctor. Totally unhurried Golden Ivy emphasized absolute stylistic and tonal organicity of the release. So Chalice001 E3 is ripe and very correctly picked fruit, really spring, festive and warm.

Words Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra
Illustrations Sasha Tessio

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