Podcast 85: Nite Fleit & Ryan Powderly

We feel spiritual affinity with the Australian music scene, it’s strange, enticing and interesting. Here we want to introduce you to Ryan Powderly (Lizard Promise) and Alysha Fleiter (Nite Fleit), forming a R.A.F. duo and their bright and electrifying mixtape. Ryan’s DJing and producing, he’s a part of Retiree and Pelvis. Nite Fleit is a noble sorceress of Australian parties and part of the Lady Shave DJ duo. Check out their track on long-awaited Plastic WORLD compilation. It’s called Why Aren’t You Dance and it is the motto for podcast also. Oddball ethnic, island shamanism and frantic dancing – get ready to fly in the fairy omnibus to a town called Euphoria on insane speed!

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