Podcast 82: Nattliga Toner

Nattliga Toner is a Stockholm-based DJ and musician. When not collecting obscure and more or less listenable Japanese records for no particular reason aside from the fun of it, he is busy making a racket with improvisational group Dom Goda Djuren. The mix he recorded for us is a cross section of collectible (your milage may vary) Japanese records of the 80s, spanning from polished synth-pop released in connection with the world technology exhibition in 1985 (TPO) to minimalistic lo-fi bedroom recordings (七不思議), via Ryuichi Sakamoto produced children’s songs (ビックリ・エレクトリック・カンパニー) and interleaved with shambolic de-tuned high schoolers shenaningans (LOVERS).

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Tags: Japanese_finest

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