Podcast 56: Hysteric

George Hysteric is an outstanding collector from Australia, DJ, edit expert and Mothball Record boss. He got degree in Italo after many years of listening of rare and obscure records. Hysteric is also an expert in new wave, synth-pop, library, HINRG, disco synth so he can treat you ears astoundingly. The man has record on Bordello A Parigi and we are looking forward to his upcoming releases on Salamanca, Mysidian, Public Possession and his own Mothball Record. We are happy to host a mix from a legend 😉

Here’s a tracklist with some words from George:

1. Anna – In The Movies
Anna is much better known for “Systems Breaking Down” from the following year, but this one is super nice.. soft and romantic with really subtle production, perfect love song for my taste

2. Gianni Safred & His Electronic Instruments – Unexplored World
Rare Italian Library LP, and also a fantastic album.

3. Ian Darby – Taking The Waterfront By Force
One of the most restrained (and slowest) Bobby O productions, this appeared on the b-side of sample heavy “Break City”. Somehow this was an underground hit in Cleveland!

4. Władysław Komendarek – Tęsknota Żeglarza
the first record released by this highly prolific Polish artist, played here super slow at 33rpm

5. Heather Parisi – Lucciole
I absolutely love the “Ciccale & Co.” LP, and in particular, this song. You can tell from the surface noise, pops, etc how much I have played this over the years. And the cover art is some of the best ever.

6. Isadora Juice – Isadora
The Isadora LP was one of the first “italo-disco” LPs I found in Melbourne when I first started hunting these records. I would fossick through the local stores (mostly in frustration) searching for nice Italian productions and occasionally rewarded with great records like this. There is a video playback performance of this song recorded from Swedish TV that is really essential viewing.

7. Alice – Summer On A Solitary Beach
Beautiful song.. I like more and more tracks with influences taken from the opera.

8. Giovanni Cristiani – Dancing For Diletta
Another great Italian library, this is sadly his only solo album..

9. Anna Oxa – La Sonnambula
An extremely successful artist in mainstream Italian music, this is another nice album I discovered when searching for Italo-disco and ending up with Italian pop.

10. Ilona Staller – It’s Up To You
I love Ilona Staller, an incredible woman and an underrated musical talent. One can only hope she resumes her political ambitions in future years.

11. David Wescott – Gold Calf Dance
French genius Yan Tregger in disguise for a tribute to the Old Testament

12. Věra Špinarová – Trocha Něhy
This is one really crazy, shame that it’s so short

13. Lucy Cher & Tony Cucaro – Donna Di Nessuno (1 Parte)
Darkwave bordering song with English lyrics.. a strange track to find on an Italian language pop LP

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