Podcast 165: Anthony Junkoid

There is a place for digging called VKontakte, a Facebook-like social network with millions of pirated tracks where you can find almost anything. Also you can see who uploaded the tracks. And, around 2011-2013, I saw a name “Anton Shmargovich” almost near all music I was looking for. A nerd, ultra-digger, local legend (he’s making very popular ‘OKO’ public group on Facebook and aforementioned VKontakte) and the guy you can meet almost everyday around 20ft Radio in Kyiv (where he has a show called ‘Unaussprechlichen Kulten‘). The music selected carefully for this podcast was recorded between 1970s and 1990s, it spans from percussive Jazz Funk and translucent Minimal Dub to the anxious new-age Boogie and toxic synth Balearica “with lots of unknown masterpieces of unacademic Avant-garde for the romantics with moon hearts”.


Anthony: Soundcloud