Podcast 156: Saulk Regurk (Mélodies Souterraines)

A discret 7″ named ‘La Passion Du Bourdon’ been out recently, where you can find 2 modern productions accompagnied by a curious, well desired old one. This was released anonymously by France based label ‘Late-Night Rec.’ which is soon 3 years old. Not that aged but well edgy, the desire to link dance music & obscure modern soundtracks been presented with a very tasteful and romantic way. Fleeing the random to reach the freaks is a goal for Saulk. “It will permit the necessary ascension of a world in need of light”. That’s how most of the new artists proposed on the label appeared, all claiming the madness of its broken mind. The fusion of chic’n’dark electro-funk alongside avantgarde, 90’s ambient oriented style… Is the signature of Saulk Regurk, dissolving the main element in 3 labels, both bringing different atmospheres – Mélodies Souterraines, Musiques Electroniques Actuelles & Hybride Sentimento.

Mélodies Souterraines: Soundcloud, Instagram, Bandcamp

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