Podcast 144: CRAVE

We’ll try not to overuse the word ‘crazy’ here so we’ll use it just once: CRAVE is one of the monikers of Jonathan Zion, one of the craziest producers around. Paris-based music maker caught our attention this February with anarchic, explosive 8” on Mind Records. The main idea behind CRAVE is to “listen inner voices and project the moods into stories” and also it’s all about “the pure raw energy of the music”. This podcast is a brutal collage of Jonathan’s fave stuff at the moment: raw punk, hardcore and d-beat, most of it Japanese, also hip hop, rap tracks and some unreleased CRAVE stuff. P.S. Expect the new album of CRAVE on Mind Records soon, 7” on Dawn Records released recently (as Lieu Noir), and also something on Unknown Precept.

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