Music of October 2018

This month, our sound receptors enjoyed deep fried ambient on Butter Sessions, complex club music on ГОСТ ЗВУК, reflective sounds on Efficient Space and more 😋

Sebastian Gandera – Le Raccourci [Efficient Space]

This music greyed with time, it is shabby but still shining. ‘Le Raccourci’ is a compilation of music of Sebastian Gandera’s (real name Éric Morin) music selected by ‘Sky Girl’ co-conspirer Julien Dechery. This music was living in the DIY scene, issued on the private tapes in small quantities. Éric used a modest set up of piano, field recorder, sampler and four track. The music here is poetic, reflective and eternal.

ИНФХ – Fences Of Metal [ГОСТ ЗВУК]

A heavy and complex club sound from Moscow. It’s a debut record from emerging local talent ИНФХ. Jumps from low to high are sharp, the tempo is jumping too making the experience even more exciting.

Xan / Honealome – Any Body Can Dance [ABCD]

My Russian friends start a label with this EP. The A-side is occupied by Xan (whi also plays in our fave electricheskaya sobaka band) who continues his experimental and broken beat excursions started at the debut on 777 Recordings. On the flip, there are two tracks by the debutant Honealome: electro grime “C” and my fave crazy electronic punk s**t in “D”. Guys, keep it up!

Annelies Monseré – Happiness Is Within Sight [Stroom]

An enigmatic album by a Belgian multi-instrumentalist Annelies Monseré. Modern sound and ghostly vocals. “It is dedicated to the one who has been left behind and the one who left”

A Strange Wedding – Meta Romance [Worst]

This secret weapon was greeted enthusiastically on every gig we played recently. The epic beats from the young French producer Adrien Van de Velde aka A Strange Wedding warm the night perfectly. It has the edge, the groove, primal energy and scale.

Low Flung – Dribble [Butter Sessions]

Butter Sessions is a label with a distinct warm, analogue, infectious sound. This EP from Moontown Records boss Low Flung aka Danny Wild continues the tradition. Deep fried ambient and rollicking digi-dub, space echo and turbid house are the key components of his excellent EP.

Victor – American Dread [Music From Memory]

It’s a strong collaboration between MFM and Satoshi from Okonkole Y Trompa blog. A perfectly stitched reissue of the only 7” by Victor Davis aka ‘Victor’ accompanied by strong reinterpretations of the original track by Lipelis and Androo. ‘American Dread’ was produced almost completely by Victor’s friend and mentor Aashid Himons (whose track ‘The Gods And I’ blew me away in Jamie Tiller’s Boiler Room session with Raphael Top-Secret this summer) in Nashville, Tennessee around 1986/87.

Domenique Dumont – Miniatures De Auto Rhythm [Antinote]

The mysterious French musician Domenique Dumont turned out to be a Latvian duo of Arturs Liepins and Anete Stuce, but their sound is still the same. “Miniatures” is a continuation of their previous album “Comme Ça” from June 2015. Gurgling rhythms, sunny melodies and childish spirit. This record makes me feel good.

Words Sasha Tessio

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