Music of June 2019

Warm vibes, dizzy loops and frogs anthems in the new music from Muscut, Daphni, Stroom, River Yarra and more


TRJJ – Music Compilation “12 Dances” [Stroom]

Healing atmospheres and rolling easy beats in a new contemporary beauty on Stroom. It’s made in heaven


S A D – Okom Onu Uwa [Muscut]

Multiple tape recorders creating magic in the fresh album by Moscow S A D ensemble on one and only Muscut. It perfectly matches label’s aesthetics: bubbling samples and dizzy loops that you can’t skip.


River Yarra – Frogmania [Antinote]

Raudie invited us to take a closer look at frogs in his new EP. These guys have a tricky life, from a slow 88bpm sleep to extreme rides on 144bpms. Let’s support frogs, they are our friends!


The Dictaphone – How to improve your relaxing [Un je-ne-sais-quoi]

In love with this band! One Frenchman sent me this promo and I played this LP 4 honest times in my latest show on LYL. Why? Cause this one-man-band Jérémie Morin is a fucking genius. Prog-rock vibe with all sorts of percussions and distorted vocals, love it!


Daphni – Sizzling EP [Jiaolong]

Oh boy, I was crying to this gem during Gerd Janson euphoric set in Kyiv’s Closer: “You are sizzling HOTTTTT!”


Bear Bones, Lay Low – Voces De Humo [OK SPIRIT]

A new label is born, curated by DJ Neewt, Kilian Paterson & N.I.B, Robert Johnson affiliates. Mind-blowing journey in the original track plus bombastic remix from DJ Plead and drum-n-bass mutant rework from тпсб.


Lifted – 2 [PAN]

Experimental summer jazz-not-jazz sounds from the impressive band of Max D, Matt Papich aka Co La, Jeremy Hyman and Motion Graphics


Words Sasha Tessio

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