Music of August 2018

Cleaning our garden: it’s a final harvest! There are last summer treats on Into The Light and Smiling C, four brilliant artist compilations on Stroom and Orbeatize, new Mogul and album business from Maxxxbass, RAMZi and Cale Sexton 👨‍🌾🍎🥑🍌

Various Artists – Mogul 4 [Themes For Great Cities]

Arne Bunjes (TFGC label head) compiled the 4th edition of Mogul, maybe the strongest in the series, with the reimagined cover artwork and new names in the tracklist. Wolf Muller pulled out his jaw harp and combative percussion in his epic ‘Der Vogel Aus Der Unterwelt’. Excited to see Phaserboys superduo delivering another dancefloor hit in their unique fashion, where bass is competing with punchy piano and drums. Two house-not-house jams from Stabil Elite and Aiwo Posse open and close the record. The first, ’Snack Jam’ is a sunny pulsating groove flying through the screaming guitar and acid line into the piano bliss. While the second, ‘Your Love’, is an opposite, the gloomy breakbeat with vintage keys and vocals in the manner of house pioneers. The winner!

Ingus Baušķenieks – Spoki [Stroom]

It’s one of my fave records on Ziggy Devriendt’s label. For the Stroom, it’s the seventh this year (almost record per month!), but the quality is top every time. Spoki (Ghosts) is a compilation of the incredible Latvian composer and multi-instrumentalist Ingus Baušķenieks. He was a part of band Dzeltenie Pastnieki who released six albums between 1981 and 1987, but at some point he decided to start experimenting on his own. And Spoki is focused on its results where he was “exploring and pushing the limits of himself and technology to realise the music in his head”. Main inspirations for Ingus was music of Can, King Crimson and Kraftwerk but also the ‘one man orchestra’ ideas of the likes of Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield. Fragile, incredibly made and unique sound of Ingus catches your ear right from the first sounds of hypnotic ‘Kur Tu Esi?’. Ballads, lullabies, alienistic experiments. ‘Lidojums Uz Sauli’ is one of the best songs I heard recently, heavenly keys, warmth, muffle beat and gentle vocals make it special.

D.E. – Giant Step [Into The Light]

Ilias Pitsios pulls another surprise from his sleeve, the lost Aegean club hit that got loads of requests before its release after Jamie Tiller played it on his BIS show. Created by Akis and mixed by Vangelis Katsoulis, both had brilliant personal compilations on Into The Light. Alarming slow tempo (around 102 bpm) house tune with perfectly stitched rhythm, flutes and new-agey synth sounds. There’s also ‘Demo Version’ on the b-side with even crazier samples used. This record will captivate your attention.

Karya – Muz Ze Skla [Smiling C]

It’s one of the records Henry Jones promised to release when he described his sensational podcast for us: “12-inch of a house 7″ from former Czechoslovakian project…”, and the third record in the Smiling C catalogue, one of the most interesting labels to follow today. First heard it in the mix by Customs. Reissue of the rare Balearic 7”, one of the few house records of it’s style coming from Czechoslovakia at that time (the original is dated 1991). Produced by Jindřich Parma, it features bewitching vocals of Karya, 90s downtempo beat, fantastic choral samples and atmospheric backgrounds. More to come on Smiling C!

José Ignacio Valdés ‎– Misterios Cosmográficos [Orbeatize]


This month, Cesare Barbetta released three essential compilations via his Orbeatize label. The first one is from the Chilean composer José Ignacio Valdés. The biggest part of ‘Misterios Cosmográficos’ is taken from the cassette with the same name from 1983, plus five bonus tracks from ‘Espiritus’ unreleased cassette originally recorded in 1984. Dark slow synthetic music full of beauty, naive optimism (in a good sense) and strength.

Michel Nolet ‎– Electronic, Absolutely [Orbeatize]


Compilation of nowhere-to-find music of Michel Nolet from two private tapes (1990 “Absolutely Electronic” and 1992 “Memories From Times To Come”). The views of unseen paradise, Kraftwerk on drugs and music for the long roads.

Ernst Thoma – Modern Tracks [Orbeatize]


No, it’s not a new Neubau record, it’s the sounds from 1986 recorded in Zurich. Ernst Thoma was a part of Swiss experimental pop group UnknownmiX. This compilation is focused on his solo work from 1981 to 1986. Sparse electronics with trumpets in ‘Modern Tracks No.7’, fantastic percussion in ‘Puls Struktur No.1’, detailed minimal and proto-techno in ‘Winterspiel No.1’. Deep curious listening.

Maxxxbass – Gone Fishing [LIES]

Ambient music under the full moon from Max Stenerudh aka Maxxxbass. His project with Samo DJ as KWC92 shares the same spirit. Rich melodies, strange windy vibrations, remote landscapes. Memorable music.

Cale Sexton – Melondrama [Butter Sessions]

The debut album from Cale Sexton, result of 12 months spent in the studio. Perfectly described in the press-release as “a welcome antidote to the deluge of modern electronica that’s designed for speed listening”. Travel inside your mind on the waves of analogue machines, from acid to downtempo and house.

RAMZi – Phobiza Amor Fati Vol 3 [FATi]

Incredible Phobiza trilogy started on Total Stasis in 2016, continued on Mood Hut in 2017 and finished on Ramzi’s own label this month. Recognizable, “twopical” bouncy sound. Fave here, ’Sunshini’, is a fast drum talk transforming into an euphoric sunrise with ultraviolet synth sounds. Samples jumping from one RAMZi record to another, memories about trip to a remote island, voices of children, animated percussion and the sound of jungle make this record an essential summer listening.

Parkway Rhythm ft. Boyd Jarvis ‎– Broad St. Pressure [Parkway Records]

A collaboration between Mark Seven, label’s head, and legendary Boyd Jarvis (who passed away this February) on keys. Deep house cut (in 4 different mixes) with aplomb and tangible disco-dub feeling. Quality.

Koova – Conducere [brokntoys]

Hammering Electro from the UK producer Gavin Pykerman aka Koova. Claustrophobic and sharp. Bass in ‘Frustration’ is demonic. Plus annihilating remix from Patricia. Computer vs human.

Various Artists – Under The Radar Vol​.​2 [Parallax]

Serious compilation of experimental and futuristic techno music from Israel. Extreme and fresh.

Hame DJ – Dog Swamp [Vulcan Venti]

Second release on the cute Melbourne label, this time from Hame DJ. Dubby breakbeat, atmospheric electronica and slow chuggers.

Words Sasha Tessio

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