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Curtis Barber aka Vio DJ is a guy curating in Berlin, the city with such a busy nightlife, the top party called Leihhaus. Its lineups always on point and resonate with the most curious listeners: DJ Vegetable, Danny Bushes, Prins Emanuel, PAM, Captain Starlight and more. The guy himself is also a crisp selector, recently played in Paris for the Bruits De La Passion crew and Salon Des Amateurs. Check also his recent guestmix on LYL which drew our attention with its warm, fresh feel and groovy instrumentals from the past eras. Finally, super excited to share with you his selection of some favorites and secret weapons.


Niew Hip Stilen – Heartsounds & Murmurs LP [1985, Eksakt Records]


Starting off with quite a weird one. I was handed this at Hum Records in Zürich recently and was pretty blown away. It’s like a strange kind of jazz/wave hybrid made mostly on drum machines. There’s some questionable rapping in there at points and a lot of off-kilter instrumentation. Nothing functional really, just some oddball tracks with wild arrangements.



Carlos “T.G.” Rios ‎– Calle Malo II LP [1986, Betana International]


What to say about this one? I bought this off Arvid after hearing clips on Wildlife’s Instagram. I got to learn a little bit more about it after finally meeting Emanuel during a gig here in Berlin recently. This is Carlos Rios’s only solo project and it’s got that crazy DIY feel. Supposedly a couple of copies turned up in Sweden but I wouldn’t bother looking as I get the impression it’s pretty scarce. One of my favorites.



Nami + The Crew ‎– Trodding Through Creation LP [1986, Tweedside Records]


How is this one still for sale? So infectious, so tight, so right! A real rough and ready digi album with crazy funk/soul leanings. Pretty much every track on here is good.



Anyzette ‎– Ebo-Ebo 12″ [1987, RCA]


Heavy, shamanic dance floor throw down that never leaves the bag. Say no more!



Faustein ‎– Fréquences / Soif De Toi 12″ [?, Faust Records]


Faustein only ever released two records. Both are pretty terrible Belgian takes on the Italo Disco sound… and then there’s ‘Soif De Toi’. I’m certain this record is almost totally unknown. Here’s the only place you can hear it online, which is maybe why it’s still around. As fun as it might have been to list only rare records here, it’s nice to share something cheap, too. Been loving this one recently!


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