Top-5: Victor Kashirin

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We met Victor in Petersburg during our tour last month, he’s part of local heroes Sincere Music. He’s currently located in USA where he’s closer to his passion – NYC and disco from its golden era.

Amant – If There’s Love / Hazy Shades Of Love 12″ [1978, T.K.Disco]
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T.K. Disco has released many favourite records of mine, but this one is very special. These songs are among those ones that create their own universe with distinctive feel. Ray Martinez, who produced and arranged the record, likes to say that he has conceived what he calls a “Miami Sound”, and I happen to be very fond of it.


Passion – Don’t Bring Back Memories / In New York 12″ [1980, Prelude Records]
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Another record by Ray Martinez. Clean and strong male voice, which doesn’t sound “black”, is something rare for the American disco scene, and that’s what makes this release sound very original. Lyrics are great too, and the line “in New York I fall in love again when I’m dancing with my baby“ makes me very emotional every time I listen to it.


Dennis Parker – Like An Eagle LP [1978, Casablanca Records]
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On the thorny path from porn movies actor to TV star, Dennis Parker once made a turn into disco music scene as a protégé of “Village People” producer Jacque Morali. This release, which happened to be the only one he ever made, is a true gem of New York disco scene. What I like the most is a strong melancholic mood that goes through the whole album. I believe it was created using minor chords, and it sounds very unusual for the disco music of that period. Perhaps it was a Morali’s trademark, as it could be traced in other records he wrote and produced, e.g. “Patrick Juvet – I Love America”. My favorite track on the album is “High Life”: at the moment when Dennis sings “if I knew then what I know now” I always feel a lump in my throat.


Ripple – The Beat Goes On And On 12″ [1978, Salsoul Records]
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A flawless composition with a magical layering of bass, drums, guitars, vocals, organ, percussion, strings and winds. It must be in every office of weights and measures as a standard of disco sound.


New York Disco Machine – New York Disco Machine 12″ [1978, One Stop Records]
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A bootleg with six instrumental versions of recordings released by array of artists, mostly Canadian. For example, “Hold Me, Touch Me” is an instrumental of the song with the same title by Carolyne Bernier, and “Give Me Love” is a composition by Elio Dante and Cashmere. There’s also a disco cover of The Doors “Light My Fire”, which surprisingly is not bad at all. There’s one track from the league of forbidden music: it is called “Disco Reel” and it starts as a proper disco song with a straight beat, but abruptly turns into cheesy, violin-powered Scottish folk dance. Other tracks on this record are also just perfect.


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Words and photos Victor Kashirin

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