Top-5: Üllar Siir


A year ago, Üllar Siir shook our minds with his extraordinary mix of “Brazilian velvet vocals, refined soul, reggae that shakes you like a boat in the middle of the sea shallow, as well as loads of disco, funk and fusion” for our podcast series. It’s time to share his favorite records in another form, the topfive: instrumentals from South Africa, heartbreaking “A Time For Us”, guitar bliss and female vocals in extra warm arrangements.


Betty Lou Landreth ‎– Betty Lou LP [1979, YaYa Inc]


I guess this LP is my all time favourite album. Kon and Amir played a track called “I Can’t Stop” in one of their show, they also gave a tracklist. It was years ago, I think in 2009 or 2010. I totally fell in love with this song and started searching for this album, but had no luck for months. Then I wrote Kon and asked about it, he said, yes, it is a rare one and if you ever see it for sale, buy it, you might never see it again. Luckily after a while, some copies started to come up for sale and I managed to get one. This LP has more good tracks on it, for example, “Turn The Page” and “Miranda”.



Joe Pass ‎– Guitar Interludes LP [1969, Discovery Records]


To me, this album is all about one song, “A Time For Us”, his version of Nino Rota’s Romeo and Juliet Love Theme. I’ve been listening to this song for who knows how many times and it’s never enough.



Nicodemus – Spacechild Squall LP [1977, Zedikiah Records]


What a wonderful loner folk album by still criminally little known artist called Nicodemus. He has recorded quite many great folk and psych albums. Unfortunately he passed away a couple of years ago. All of his songs have a message…..and his voice is incredilbe!



Germannu – Germannu 12″ [1984, Terra Records]


Brazil seems to be an endless gold mine for records. This brazilian boogie EP is one the pearls from there. It has two killer cuts on it. Too bad there’s almost no info about this artist online. Hopefully some day it will be reissued on some compilation and can have an attention it deserves.



Night Force & The Tom Cats ‎– Dance LP [1981, CTV International]


This South African record, mostly a track called “Search For Love”, is quite well known already in dance scene, I mean among disco and funk DJs and collectors. It is an instrumental version of “Burnin Beat Featuring Olive Masinga – Searchin'” which lately was reissued by Afrosynth Records. Personally I prefer this instrumenatl version, can’t even explain why. It’ll probably be reissued aswell in near future.


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