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Dmytro Prutkin is our close friend from Kiev, talented designer, photographer and a DJ. As Dmytro mentioned, his musical education referenced to his father, who was singing in a well-known ensemble in the USSR. Maybe because of it, he has some special feelings about Melodiya back-catalogue. Just check his podcast for us from 2013 to understand. And now Dmytro shared favorites picks from his record collection with us.

Vargavinter ‎– Vargavinter LP [1976, Silence]

One day I dug some stuff on the market and chose records to check but didn’t like anything. The owner of the place was very skeptic and prejudiced to me the first time, but then he suddenly changed his mind and gave me this record from the hidden shelf with the phrase “You would totally like it”. But the price was too high. I visited him next months trying to deal and every time he had the price even higher than before. It made me totally mad. But I was trying to stay calm and wait. The next 6 or even 8 months I had this mantra in my head “The Earth doesn’t stop if I wouldn’t buy this record”. Finally, I have grabbed it on Discogs for a reasonable price and now I could say “Ha!”. Everyone have the same story, though. And now a few words about the music 🙂 This record was recorded live in one bar in Stockholm. The word “Vargavinter” means “a really cold winter with lots of snow” in Swedish. The music on this album is a mixture of world folklore and I totally love the mood it brings.


Alan Vitous, Zdeněk Dvorak, Mirka Krivankova ‎– Jazz Praha Live LP [1986, Panton]

This album was recorded live in 1985 and the voices of Jana Koubkova and Mirka Krivankova play the lead instrumental part on it. It sounds like someone is whispering his secrets to you and you should keep it through space and time. Very gentle and sensual music.


Vodogray – Zakoldoovanniy Krug 7″ [1981, Melodiya]

Ukrainian band Vodogray is the most interesting piece of history for me. They had been recorded two or three 7-inches and one 12-inch with an absolutely killer mix of folk, progressive rock and funk. Honestly, I would like to put all their discography into this chart, but it’s not top-8 🙂 This record is kind of holy grail for me because it’s quite rare and for my luck I have found it in normal condition.


Vladimir Tarasov ‎– Atto LP [1986, Melodiya]

When I came across on Vladimir Tarasov, I was very surprised. The jazz drummer who is still working in a conceptual field and doing performances and theater acts with a lot of famous artists (for example Ilya Kabakov), he did some amazing stuff back in 80s. He recorded six (or even more) experimental percussion albums under Drumtheatre concept. It takes around 20 minutes on both sides with the sound of bells, toms and other any variations of drum-kits. Otherwise, it’s uncommon record in the traditional Melodiya catalog, where any sort of “outside-the-box” was hardly controlled. Honestly, this record is like do brainwashing to me. It does not have a melody or any structure that you can remember. My “lounge-music” thing.


Sergey Bibikov, Vladimir Kolokolnikov – The oldest musical complex of mammoth bones. Outline of material and spiritual culture of Paleolithic man 7″ [1981, Melodiya]

Weird stuff. Just some history information: a group of archaeologists had found mammoth bones somewhere in the North of Ukraine. After some research, they figure out that it was an old… drum-kit! These bones had been moved into institute where scientists combined them into an unbelievable instrument and invite a drummer to reconstruct the rhythm. Afterward, we have this 7-inch. How does it sound? Every kick has a bit of reverb and if you switch speed from 33 to 45 and decorate it with some delay, it would be a quite good dub rhythm. But it’s not only fun story behind it. I’ve been searching this record more than 1,5 years because I have found this music relative to John Cage’s work Construction. Anyway, this is a brilliant find.


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