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Our friend from Sweden, Olof Johansson, picks his 5 favorite records.
Roger Rönning – Nattens skuggor LP [1979, RCA Victor]
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First off, here’s some balearic soft rock from Sweden. The main cuts are “Tiden bara går” and “Står vid ett vägskäl”. This great LP is pretty cheap to pick up. You’re likely to find it in a Swedish flea market. If you dig this then make sure to check out his third release, “…R.R…”, which contains the track “Det händer bara en gång”.

Philippe D’Huy – Constatations, contradictions LP [1978, Terrin]
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This album is something special. The song I keep returning to is “Song for J.A.”. I was blown away when I first heard it on Basso’s youtube channel. Listen for yourself and let Mr. D’Huy take you on a beautiful and dreamy trip lasting a little more than 6 minutes.

South African Combo – African flute / Around the stars 7″ [1971, Tickle]
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Obscure Italian release from 1971. These recordings sound like a hippie jam session (in a very good way). Both tracks work for me but the winner is without a doubt “African flute”. Atmospheric, afro influenced and far out stuff. The sleeve is killer too!

Bel Batista – Disco Mous’so LP [?, Production Bel-Batista]
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Internet does not provide much info on the artist or this release. It’s a seldom seen Ivory Coast LP, self-released by Bel Batista. The title track is the highlight here. After a long and slow intro the music shifts into an amazing afro disco tune with that pounding kick drum and spaced out synth. Also check out the funky ”Aze”.

Ray Lynch – Let’s Jazz – Dance with Ray Lynch LP [1982, Not On Label]
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Last but not least, here’s a very odd German private press. If my information is correct this was originally intended as a pedagogical record for dance companies. It contains an interesting mix of musical styles, from afro rhythms and Italo to jazzy funk. My favourite tracks are “Cooking it till it’s hot”, “Sweat it up” and “Dancing – trio”. Highly recommended.


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