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Mori Ra is a record junkie from Japan. You should know him through his work on Rotating Souls Records, his Oyama edits and mind-blowing Japanese Breeze mix series. Mori Ra has a rich musical background such as playing in bands and working in TV and radio recording studios. So he’s familiar with library records from those days. And today we have a special top-5 selection from him: Italian Library Records favorites!

New Sound Quartet – Crazy Colours LP [19??, BAM]
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This library record has the disco flavour. Sounds of of live instruments and synthesizers are smoothly mixed. There are various types of compositions: some for listening only and some for dancing. I’ve used a few songs from this album in the mix for Balearic Social. It’s a “Holy Grail” record for many DJs. I did an edit of it, the vinyl will be released on Magic Wand in a few months. Check not only my Oyama Edit but the original too (If you have possibility)!


Sergio Farina – Today’s Guitar Sounds LP [19??, Music Scene]
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There are many ingridients here: a lot of disco, soul, space rock, reggae, calypso. Sounds of guitars are in the center of composition, psychedelic synthesizer supports it. It is a true Balearic disco record.


The Tropicals – Urubamba LP [1972, Jump]
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It is a killer Jazz-Funk, Easy Listening album full of tropical sounds all over the world. While listening you can imagine locations in Morocco, Brazil, Jamaica, safari rides, jungle, baobabs, Amazon river, Indians… You don’t need any ticket, just turn Play and start your trip!


Piero Umiliani & I Suoi Oscillatori – Il Mondo Dei Romani LP [1972, Omicron]
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This strange synthesizer music album was made completely by Piero Umiliani. It is a very experimental record, some sort of techno prototyped reggae, basic sequenced sounds. It’s a fictional story of a fictional country of unknown time. I have two copies of this record and it’s priceless. I have never seen a record shop selling this record)


Gianni Safred & His Electronic Instruments – Futuribile (The Life To Come) LP [1978, Music Scene]
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It’s one of the first examples of synthesized Cosmic music I think. Sound of the synth invites you to the journey into the universe of your consciousness. The sounds of the synth evoke an image of the future. I found this record 15 years ago, but I can listen it again and again.


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