Top-5: Misha Shkurat


Misha is our big friend, we knew him since maybe 2009 when he debuted on a Low party with DJ set. He’s playing records not so often these days. But he’s really into digging and his own taste in music. His collection is very diverse, we saw at his apartments the last LP from Neneh Cherry, a bunch of Smalltown Supersound and Stones Throw records, skwee stuff (do you know what’s this?), jazz records, reggae compilations, funk 7″s. And his topfive is tasty too!


Various Artists – Mobilisation Generale 2xLP [Born Bad Records, 2013]

Some years ago this label released “Dirty French Psychedelics” – a compilation by Dirty Sound System with gems from Brigitte Fontaine,
Francois De Roubaix etc. This one seems to be another essential thing from the era. Okay, same years different angle, protest and spirit 
jazz songs. Artists were making and regarding their music as a
 political act, still all songs sound incredibly lush. My favorite is
 MAHJUN “Nous ouvrirons les casernes”.



Pekka Airaksinen – Other Power LP [Harmönia, 2012]

Couple of years ago skweee-guys from Helsinki – Randy Barracuda and
Mesak have released this compilation of Pekka Airaksinen, Finnish electronic composer and improviser. It’s absolutely stunning and 
sounds pretty much unlike anything. Free jazz saxophone, TR-808, very
 abstract but amazingly groovy stuff.



Gary Wilson – You Think You Really Know Me LP 
[Feeding Tube Records, 2013]


I think Gary Wilson’s record is a relatively known thing in States, in 
the last 5 years it also probably gained a new audience due to Stones 
Throws releases and radio show at NPR. Anyhow I was really
 happy to find it at Groove Attack last year.



Driftmachine – Nocturnes LP [Umor Rex Records, 2014]


A very recent techno/dub mutation from Berlin, a city that’s kinda
 known for such blend. Andreas is a member of Tied & Tickled Trio, he
 was also spinning dope dancehall records here last year. Florian is
 founder of Saroos, but this time music is equally distant from both
 connections. Dubby industrial sounds, a mass of space and reverb,
 great late night home listening actually.



Agali Ag Amoumine – Takamba LP [Sahel Sounds/Mississippi Records, 2011]


This one is the best gift I’ve ever received. It’s always in the bag 
when I deejay, an absolute killer. I like the fact that it’s
 contemporary music, however myself I could hardly identify the decade 
of this album. The sleeve note says: recorded in Timbouctou 2009.
 Chris Kirkley, the guy that is making Sahel Sounds, is recording bands
 and musicians on the spot, mostly in different regions of West African 
desert. Just saw that he’s recently crowdfunding a feature film about 
Tuareg guitar player, check it out


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Photos Sasha Tessio.

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