Top-5: Mikkel O. Brask


The mystery man, sports junkie, DJ and resident at Jolene Bar in Copenhagen, Mikkel stopped by to share his fave Swedish records. Stories about feeling better because of music, X-mas and Swedish Elton John also included. Don’t pass by!


Johan Zachrisson ‎- Soil LP [1988, MNW]

This is an overall very nice ambient album by the Zilverzurfan aka. Johan Zachrisson. My first encounter with this record was during a weekend in Stockholm. I caught some bad tatar and spend 24 hours on my friend Filip’s sofa- going back and forth to the toilet. The soothing sounds of this eased the pain though. Filip has a nice sofa anyway.
Bonus info: Johan Zachrisson is the father of Swedish pop star Lykke Li and lives 6 months of the year in sunny Portugal.



Friz Be – Hmm… LP [1981, Piglet Records]

Music selling cliche #1. All tracks on this record is just really good. Well, it’s actually true. Great and weird lyrics all over makes this a 10/10. I was lucky that a friend of mine found this years ago and decided to part with it. No bonus info on this one. 



Various Artists – Mekano Christmas Party LP [1985, Mekano Records]

Speaking of weird – here is the X-mas compilation that Mekano records decided that the world needed in 1985. Featuring two instrumental tracks by the great Spacelab duo – but slightly overpowered by the Tom Wolgers produced ’Black and Blue’ moody pop tune. Merry Christmas to me.



Coste Apetrea ‎- Jojja Ja Ja 7” [1983, Sonet]

Here is the multi talented and good looking Coste Apetrea with some (cough cough) balaeric music from the north of Sweden. B-side wins. Another cliche right there. And some people call Apetrea the Swedish Elton John. At least I think i overheard that somewhere.



KWC 92 ‎– Dream Of The Walled City (O​.​S​.​T​.​) LP [2013, LIES]

I have no fun background info for this one, so the following is copied from Discogs: “The duo of Samo DJ and Max Stenerudh have billed the record as a conceptual soundtrack set in Kowloons Walled City, an ex military fort in Hong Kong that became notorious for its dense population, Triad connections and lack of governmental control. It was demolished in the mid 1990s, but has served as the influence for plenty of projects since, and should provide a suitably shadowy backdrop for KWC 92 fractured sounds. Solid!!!”


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Words and photos Mikkel O. Brask.

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