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We discovered Tanguy aka Master Phil via Instagram where he knew how to move properly to Bell Towers classic 12″. But then we realised this young man is involved in so many activities around music – he’s ruling Plaisir Partagé (and sub label Edits Du Plaisir), organising parties for two years, making music with Shelter and generally standing in a fairway of a fresh Balearic movement in Paris. So please welcome Master Phil and his selection of the most intimate moments from his collection! P.S. Check also the mix he recorded for us!


Pierre Vassiliu – Qui C’est Celui-Là? LP [1974, Barclay]


The first record is clearly my favourite of all. The title track is very famous in France but the rest of the LP is much better. All songs are good, no need to skip tracks. Pierre Vassiliu produced excellent stuff during the seventies, but this one is just perfect. I rediscovered this artist thanks to Jeff (from Get A Room!) when he included one of his tracks on a compilation and in a mix. This was exactly what I was looking for since a long time, amazing psychedelic folk sung in French. A compilation of his work will be released soon on Born Bad Records.


Spike – Low Profile LP [1981, Spike Records]


My favourite Spike album. I cannot stop listening to it since I bought it. Most of the tracks are not featured on Golf Channel’s compilation, even if 80% of the record is Spike at its best, very sweet, but still under prog rock and UK rock influences. Tracks like “Girl”, “Goodnight”, and “Merel” are masterpieces. A bit short but who cares? Add to all this a beautiful cover artwork. This record made me want to write songs again 🙂


Babeth – Bébé Reggae 7″ [1981, Marcy Music]


This record was given to me by Vidal Benjamin, a good friend and a person who taught me to dig, to mix, to dare and to share the music. I never miss one of his DJ sets. For me this track is a good definition of Balearic music. The production is huge, it sounds real good, and the innocence of Babeth’s vocals is typical for French boogie, with something sensual, very Master Phil (haha). There’s an English 12” version of the record, so that you can understand the deepness of the lyrics.


Toubabou – Attente LP [1975, Barclay]


There’s a funny story with this record. A friend of mine runs a record store called La Source in Paris. He found a bunch of Canadian records in a street in Paris and he invited me to listen to the records to help him checking if there was something cool. Very few records were interesting, most of it was just funny, but I noticed a specific record, “Attente”, de Toubabou. The track titled “Doudou A La Toubabou” is a crazy tribal jazz funk 8 minutes piece. You can find it easily in Canada but I never saw it elsewhere. My friend gave me this record and a Gilles Rivard LP to thank me for the help.


The Reels – Beautiful LP [1982, RCA International]


This last record is a find almost unknown in France but well known in Australia, Beautiful by The Reels. The cover is very cheesy and most of the songs, which are covers, are not good, but the only two songs written by the group are gems. “Cry” is a beautiful ballad, synth pop slow with a touch of ambient. I listen it every day, getting up or before sleeping, or with the girls (all girls love this song). The second song is Return, a beautifully produced pop song. Everything is incredible: vocals, synthesizers, drum machines. The kind of piece that Metronomy or Caribou can release today. My copy is “VG” but the two tracks are intact. Lucky me.

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