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We met Lydia in Moscow this summer and danced with her till the morning in Denis Simachev Bar. She’s very into great music, party and dancing and now she shared with us her 5 favorite records

The Electric Prunes – Release Of An Oath LP [1968, Reprise Records]
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What I really love about this record is that it’s unusual. To record this album producer of the group invited David Axelrod. This record has quite another sound in comparison to the previous ones. David Axelrod is one of those composers who I can listen to the whole day long and I never get enough.


Neşe Karaböcek – Seni buldumya / Yali yali 7″ [1977, Kervan Plakçılık]
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I’ve got this record from my soul sister as a present. She travelled to Instanbul and wrote me a message that I had to send her a list of Turkish records that I wanted. I couldn’t believe that I finally had this record when she gave it to me, I was so happy! I adore base- and drums line in Yali yali, the sound is really wicked. That baseline was also used in Jesus Christ Superstar and Googoosh. But this baseline is the best, I swear.


Robert Wyatt – Nothing Can Stop Us LP [1982, Rough Trade]
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I have a funny story about this record. I was in Barcelona three years ago and I’ve been digging in vinyl shops there for some days. One of the first was Kebra Disc. I came there early in the morning with a want-list. I showed it to Jordy, shop owner, and he said: “Are you a digger? If yes – go and dig!». in the afternoon I came up to him with a small pile of records. He asked did I find anything – nothing special. And than he invited me to the second floor with a smile on his face. Suddenly I understood that there were stairs that I didn’t saw before. There he gave me every record from my list 🙂


Johnny Hammond – Gears LP [1975, Milestone Records]
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I found this album occasionally. I listened a lot of tracks on Youtube and suddenly heard this one. And the first though that crossed my mind was “Oh Boy! It’s so sexy”. And when I saw it in Wah-Wah store I could’t help but buy it.


July – July LP [1968, Major Minor]
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This album is a memory of friend of mine who introduced me to psychedelic rock. July LP was recorded in 1968, it is supposed to be the best time for the genre, I actually have a lot of my favorite records dated this year.


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