Top-5: Luzi Gehrisch


We discovered Luzi on Soundcloud – she’s a 22 years old DJ from Leipzig (playing on Sign Bit Zero label parties) where she’s also studying physics atm. She’s a resident at STAY parties in the legendary Robert Johnson, her selections include disco, NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle), synth, kraut, industrial and electro with main focus on the 80s era. Luzi has also some plans about production and her own party. Now she picked some favourite records for us, you can also expect a mix from her in our podcast series this summer.


Logic System – Logic LP [1981, Express]

Logic System is a great electronic album with many special tracks, it has a fantastic listening flow and it’s very important for me in an album format. It’s rare that album is not about few tracks but it’s a work of art as a whole.



Anarchic System ‎– Generation LP [1975, Delphine]

This record is my favorite cheapo, there is a space-rock instrumental part on the A-side, it starts around 4min, and it’s not getting boring even after 10min. I always cut the beginning and the end of it, I’m not so into the vocals just into the instrumental part hehe.



Elektro-Dschungel – Kebab Und Andere Träume LP [1987, Not On Label]

Kebab Und Andere Träume is a fantastic new wave, experimental album from Wiesbaden 1987, it was recorded by a group of young people of different nationalities for a school project which has a really interesting background 🙂 P.S. More info here



Partner Eins – Warum Müssen Autos Fahren? 7″ [1983, Metronome]

This is a very nice NDW 7″ which I found in some Spacelex mix 2 years ago. And I’m still smiling when I listen “So Verliebt”. And really like its simple lyrics. Actually I’m going to start my party series in Leipzig called “Partner Eins”.



Tapan – The City 12″ [2015, W.T. Records]

It’s one of my favorite modern records, it was released in 2015 on Willie Burns’ label. The City is a really nice slow-motion techno track with a perfect break in the middle.


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