Top-5: Leo Mas


Leo Mas is a legend. He was the DJ at Amnesia in Ibiza alongside Alfredo during the years of 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1990 (without Alfredo as he was at Pacha then). Leo is a God of warm-up sets, you can check his magic on plenty of his mixes on Maestro chose 5 his all-time favorite 7-inches and told some stories about it.

Augusto Martelli – Djamballà (7”, 1971) [Cinevox]
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It’s an unforgettable instrumental track from the “Il Dio Serpente” OST. This is my first 7-inch I bought with my mother’s money. This record reminds me first parties in friends’ houses with low lights…


Echoes Of – Echoes Of Jerusalem (7”, 1973) [Fonit Cetra International]
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It is written by ex-Aphrodite’s Child Charalampe Chalkitis (Harris Chalkitis). I remember this record was a hit on the “Alto Gradimento” radio show. I like a lot its trippy vibe, the big drum break and the magic Hammond solo, the whole record sounds pretty psychedelic.


Deodato – Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001) (7”, 1973) [CTI Records]
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This 7 inch version of Deodato masterpiece is the record that I loved and listened much more when I was a teenager. It’s one of my favourite ever, a real epic space funk track with a great Fender Rhodes.


Wall Of Voodoo – On Interstate 15 (7”, 1982) [Illegal Records]
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There was a band in ‘82 that caught my imagination more than others – Wall Of Voodoo. Their singles “On Interstate 15” and “Mexican Radio” and the whole album “Call Of The West” are the best things of that year for me. I played “On Interstate 15” 7-inch at the Amnesia warm-up in Ibiza, and in Ranch, one of the more important after-hours in Italy, in ‘90. On Interstate 15 is a perfect closing track in my opinion.


Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers – Egyptian Reggae (7”, 1977) [Beserkley Records]
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I bought the ‘77 album “Rock’n’Roll With The Modern Lovers” after listening to Roadrunner, first single of Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers which was covered by Sex Pistols. There are fantastic songs like Egyptian Reggae, Ice Cream Man, The Sweeping Wind (Kwa Ti Feng) on Rock’n’Roll LP. Egyptian Reggae is a true masterpiece and I bought it also on 7-inch.


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