Top-5: Kaupo Rõivasepp


Kaupo is our friend from Tallinn, DJ, record collector and amazing photographer. He shared his favorite records with us.

Harry Case – In A Mood LP [Ichiban Records, 1989]
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Once I heard a track “Ride ‘Em Off” from this album I immediately started searching for the record. I didn’t expect a lot from the rest of the album but once I got it… oh man… the whole album from start to finish was pure bliss. I was blown away. I really like the way he has arranged the songs. Every song is different yet so similar. You will never get bored listening to the album. By the way his other album Magic Cat has some nice tracks too.


Almeta Lattimore – These Memories / La La 7″ [Hayley Records, 2005]
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When I have to highlight something from my soul music section then this 7″ really stands out. I searched for the record several years after I first heard the track “These Memories”. You can find a comment about this release on Discogs that say “Many rate this gem as one of THE most soulful records ever made”. I agree. It’s the best soul seven inch vinyl I have.


Jaan Kumani Instrumentansambel – Tantsurütme VI 7″ [Melodiya, 1976]
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Jaan Kuman is an Estonian trumpet player. He released several 7″ records in the seventies that are now quite hard to find. It’s a Мелодия release but it sounds like it was made somewhere in the western part of the world. My favourites are “Roosad Pilved (Samba)” and “Lõpp-peatus (Kiire Biit)”.


Moodymann ‎– The Thief That Stole My Sad Days … Ya Blessin’ Me 12″ [KDJ, 2000]
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Mmmmm… okay this is Moodymann in the year 2000. 15 years ago! It’s my highschool classic and probably the best Moodymann record I have. Perfect deep house with vocals and gospel feel. This is a 12″ that I won’t sell any time soon.


Maxmillion Dunbar ‎– Outrageous Soulz / Dreamerzzz 7″ [Future Times, 2008]
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This was fresh and raw sound from US back in 2008. New record label and artist whom I had never heard before. I’ve kept an eye/ear on the label and Max D since the very first release and always with high expectations. Cool names as well. Things will be better in future times!


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