Top-5: Jon Andersson

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Jon Andersson is a long time record collector that also sometimes accidentally is DJ-ing. You often find him in the underground of the net, digging for new music, rambling about it all being about the recontextualisation – one second, and the next – that great music is always great music.

Bernt Rosengren – Notes From Underground 2xLP [1974, Harvest]
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Bernt Rosengren is probably most known for sitting in with Krzysztof Komeda for the Polanski movie Knife in The water. But he has released bunch of great jazz albums under his own name. “Notes From Underground” and is simply album when played in full with all its twists and turns.


Sabu Martinez – Afro Temple LP [1973, Grammofonverket]
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Sabu Martinez left the heroin fog in New York jazzscene for love in Sweden. In Sweden he continuned his career and played on a lot of albums. His only solo album made in Sweden – Afro Temple – is drum heavy but there are also two great swedish jazz saxophonist are featured on the album, Christer Boustedt and Bernt Rosengren. The album is best when they get there space.


Virgo – Virgo 2xLP [2010, Rush Hour]
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When other acid house records tend to focus one the rough hard parts, Virgo stays relevant by always keeping the soft touch. Been listening much to Andras Fox this year and you can drag a straight line from Virgo to Andras Fox, where Virgo i the ancestor.


Atelje – Meditation LP [2014, Vinyl Export]
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Its really really hard to dodge this one when picking albums in december 2014. When Studios “West Coast” came out 8 years ago it defined how I looked up on music. Clearly one of the top albums of the 00s. Two years later Dan Lissvik (one half of Studio) release his soloalbum “7 Trx + Intermission” it was somewhat a disappointment. But now he’s back with Atelje and doesn’t disappoint anyone.


Laughing Light Of Plenty ‎– The Rose / Listen Here 12″ [2008, Whatever We Want Records]
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Whatever We Want Records was on a streak with the releases of Dr Dunks, House of House and Map of Africa. But the twelve inch that still stands out is the Laughing Light Of Plenty – The Rose.


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