Top-5: Jean-Luc Razza


Airto – Identity LP [Arista, 1975]
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Airto Moreira is one of my music heroes and this is one of the first records I bought by him. Produced by Herbie Hancock with appearance from Wayne Shorter, the highlight of this for me is Mãe Cambina. From the strange noises at the start to the synthesized last gasp of air, it’s an incredible piece.


The Vision – Laidback & Groovy 12″ [Nu Groove Records, 1991]
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What can I say about Nu-Groove Records that hasn’t already been said! This is my favourite Nu-Groove record,both sides are amazing. That’s why I bought two of these! Back in mid nineties you would see many of these on sale for really cheap in record shops, not so much now! I have yet to hear Shardé played out anywhere. It’s a house journey that might find it difficult to fit into a set now


Clannad ‎- Fuaim LP [Cooking Vinyl, 1990]
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Fuaim is Clannads sixth album and my favourite. The standout track for me on this is Ní lá na gaoithe lá na scoilb. I could listen to this 1,000 Times and still not get sick of it. It has got everything! The title is an Irish proverb which means don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today!


The Underworld – Angel’s Calling 12″ [Strictly Rhythm, 1992]
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I started listening to house music in 1991 and in the first few years was really finding my feet with no discogs, you tube. Etc. If you liked a house record then you had to go to a record shop and hum it or sing it! I bought some not so good ones and also some on spec. I picked this up in Mixmaster records in Castlebar not having a clue what strictly rhythm was! When I listened to this first I didn’t fully understand it. I put it aside knowing that someday I would. A couple of years later when the ears were fully trained this was again fished out and WOW , to this day it is still one of my all time favourite house records. It’s Roy Davis Junior, Jay Juniel with a little help from DJ Pierre- UNREAL


Adele Bertei ‎– Build Me A Bridge 12″ [Geffen Records, 1983]
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From 1983, this is one of my favourite records from the eighties. Sung by Adele Bertei and produced by Thomas Dolby. It was claimed that Bertei had a three octave range and this record shows just how powerful that voice is. She had an interesting career working as PA to Brian Eno, being part of the Bloods who were considered one of the first band of gay women who were publicly out. They toured internationally and opened for such bands as the Clash. After they disbanded she Dj’d in Amsterdam and upon returning to New York was signed to Geffen records. Later she sung duet with Thomas Dolby on his hit Hyperactive


Photos and words Jean-Luc Razza

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