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Marc Hofweber keeps creating the story of Light Of Other Days, Zurich-based electronic label with a distinct lively natural sound. The next, sixth, chapter is written by the man himself under the Hove moniker and out this week. We asked Marc to share some favourite records with us. There are indie rock, slow motion disco, contemporary and experimental music recreating rich artist’s background.


Papiro – Teopatia LP [2014, Planam]

I found this record in one of my favorite record shops in Zurich called OOR records. Later I found out that the artist is from Switzerland too, from Basel more precisely, and the guy on the cover is his dad. The music on this one is a great mix between drones, choirs, real instruments and synths. I really can get lost in it. I love to listen to this kind of stuff while traveling by train and watching the landscapes pass by.


Painel De Controle – Black Coco 12″ [1978, RCA]

I think this record never left my record bag since I bought it back in 2015. The first time I heard it was in a set by the DJ duo Selvagem from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The whole set was amazing, but this track kinda stood out to me. It is the perfect party starter in every environment.



Felt – Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow 12″ [1984, Cherry Red]

Felt is one of my all-time favorite bands. They made some serious pop masterpieces. I really like their instrumental work. The guitar melodies were a big influence in my old band where I used to play keys and guitar. I found this single of “Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow” recently in a local second-hand shop. There is an amazing instrumental version on it as well where the vocals were replaced with strings called “Sunlight Strings”. A lovely record.



Rocky Winters – Wishing 7″ [1986, PRT]

I bought this 7″ last summer in Amsterdam. The b-side “Vicious Circle” is a killer mid-tempo boogie track. I played this a lot recently and I already have some nice memories connected to this record.



Waclaw Zimpel – Lines CD [2016, Instant Classic]

Unfortunately, this only exists as a CD or Cassette and not on vinyl. It came out last year and I discovered it through Waclaw’s Bandcamp page. It is a stunning record full of beautiful moments. Waclaw Zimpel is a polish clarinetist and composer. His music is clearly influenced by Terry Riley, Steve Reich or Philip Glass but with a slightly modern twist. The title track “Lines” is my favorite Song on the album.


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