Top-5: Glowing Palms


Last year we had some strange feeling that we missed something. And finally we figured it out (it’s better late than never): we missed 12” from Glowing Palms on Ruf Kutz. It was definitely the best dance record from last year! It was so huge and innovative, so powerful and grandiose… Just check this video to understand

We tracked Glowing Palms down to Hackney in London to find out more. Apparently he spins on a monthly radio show called The Gravy on Resonance FM and runs an ad-hoc club night called Endless Reach with label-mate Miutante and Swayward from Wet Play. Recently he made the news headlines when Beyonce and Jay Z rocked up to an afterparty in an East London basement where Glowing Palms was spinning 80s Boogie. There’s also rumours that he has a new cut dropping soon on the Ruf Kutz forthcoming E.P RK9. 

If you’re out and about over the summer, you can catch Glowing Palms at Dimensions festival in Croatia. Otherwise enjoy his Top 5. And yes, we’re aware there’s 6. I guess that’s just how he rolls.

Jean Le Fennec – Phantastic (LP, 1969) [Barclay]
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Released in 1969 this one’s way earlier than most of the music I’m likely to play but it doesn’t really matter because it has everything. Lyrics that I don’t understand, tape delay, fuzz guitar, wicked strings. Makes me feel like I’m walking down Le Grand Rue or some other big street in the middle of Paris on a hot day. The guys wanna be me, the girls wanna be with me. I’m wearing an expensive suit, limited edition Ray Bans and I’m heading towards my E-Type Jag. I have a serious face.


Junei – You Must Go On / Let’s Ride (7”, 1987) [Pharaoahs Records]
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This record is so on point. Just turn on your machines devour a cocktail and let yourself go. A mate of mine got in touch with Junei just to tell him he’s rad so he sent him a 13 minute extended version of this track which you’ll never hear. That’s a fact right there. Let’s Ride is just the perfect title too. I just borrowed my mate’s ’89 Mazda RX7 so hop in, let’s ramp up this tune and cruise.


Magma – Attahk (LP, 1978) [Tomato]
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I used to do a night with a visual artist in Manchester called Rob Bailey (look him up). We used to play whatever we want because the bar would actually get mad at us if we played “Normal” music. Anyway I found this and played it really loud. He said it that this is the sound his brain makes when he receives a blowjob. Now at this point in my life I hadn’t received many but it sounded like it was probably about right to me.


Impulse – Impulse (12”, 1984) [Impulse Records]
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There’s no escape from these voice inside. You know there’s some records where it doesn’t sound like music. You don’t hear the instruments or the parts or whatever it just goes into your ears and becomes a feeling that takes over. This is one of those of course. It just takes over. I can also relate to it because to let you into a little secret I have a tendency to talk to myself. No big thing but my girl will hear me chatting and she’ll ask who i’m talking to and there’s no one there. Just me and the voices inside. All good tho cos they’re chill.


Mythos – Concrete City (LP, 1979) [Venus]
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Every year or so me and my mates hire a really ballin house with a hot tub and epic castle walls and things start civilised but end up in some seriously loose behaviour. Anyway we hired this place where they had drilled holes in the bricks and replaced the holes with glass. The sun was setting and shards of light were pouring into the building. We were all sat at a huge dining table with medieval candle holders and the lot. The food came out just as the female Oprah singer started belting out her soul on this record. You don’t get many of these moments in life so when they happen you just soak it all in and then feel it back whenever you put the record on.


Solid Space – Space Museum (Cassette, 1982) [In Phaze Records]
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When I was 6 years old I asked me Dad if he would help me make a spaceship out of some cardboard boxes and tin foil. We got pretty deep into it, painted the boxes real good, created the heat proof thermal layer etc. When it was looking really sweet I proposed we take it to the top of the garden for the launch. When we got set up and the space ship didn’t actually take off and go to the moon I became REALLY ANGRY. I was far too old to play pretend and had just spent 2 hours on making a spaceship. What was the point if it COULDN’T FLY? This Cassette only Sci-fi pop music from 1982 makes me thing that some day I could make it into Space.


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