Top-5: Ewald Dupan


So proud to present our next installment in topfive series, this time from Brussels finest Ewald Dupan aka Captain Starlight — the name you should know because of the best parties in town, Holger, each time with killer line-up. Besides it man is involved in two labels — Holger and STROOM, upcoming release from the last one is included in current topfive as a bonus 6th record — heavy comp curated by another record freak Nosedrip. Enjoy impeccable selection from Ewald accompanied with 90s (like) polaroids, can you feel it?


4 A.M. ‎– I Love It 12″ [House Hold Records]

‘Just wait and see (deepest mix)’ is the one on this 12”. Sounds like they couldn’t chose if they were either gonna do Italo or boogie — or just house maybe? — and threw it all into the mix, to come up with this monster. So catchy. Also love the pitch of the voice!


Labrys — Turn Around LP [1985, Labrys Records]

Private press lesbian boogie that made its way from Connecticut to a dollar bin in Brussels. Life’s great sometimes. A couple of decent tracks, but ‘Fire’ is the jam.


Joe Tossini And Friends — Lady Of Mine LP [1989, IEA Records]

My favorite record ever. The coolest crooning over wacky lounge music with drum computers and saxophones, brilliantly out of tune sometimes. As far as music goes, this is my definition of genuine brilliance. It just raises my body temperature with 0,5 degrees every time I hear it, and I could probably listen to it non-stop for the rest of my life. Contains Italian lyrics, which is a serious turn-on too.


Haruomi Hosono — Mental Sports Mixes LP [1994, Epic]

People visiting this website probably know mister Hosono, but it seems like this is one of his overlooked and cheaper records. It’s like Hosono’s take on occidental ‘electronic’ music, spanning all genres: ambient, electro, new beat, techno, jungle, house, … I only heard this for the first time this summer, while I was on holidays in Vancouver with my friend Alex. We were in the studio of one of his friends, who had recently bought this LP, and just ended up listening to it from start to finish. Almost no talk, just the occasional sighs, blown away by the production and the depth of the sound and the trippyness of it all — really felt like actual mental sports — just to realise, when the record was finished, that the delay on the mixer was half open. It’s still a great record though, even when you’re sober and the delay is off. The track titles are so funny too, it’s as if he was taking the piss out of rave culture.


Lars Tetens — Getting Sicker LP [?, Normal Records]

Heard this for the first time in a radio show with Jacob Gorchov and Josh Da Costa, and got pretty lucky finding a copy online shortly afterwards. This was released some time in the 1980’s. Tetens wrote all tracks and recorded them with a handful of friends in a small town, but one track also got recorded in Paris and another one in Miami. Every song is fantastic, and the record has it all: tortured vocals, relentless groove, lo-fi disco, the occasional electro oddball, cacophonous post-punk, no wave funk and cheeky new wave. Tetens is now in the cigar business.


Alain Neffe ‎– An Introduction Into The Insane World Of Alain Neffe LP (test press)

The second (and upcoming) release on STROOM 〰, the label related to the online radio station I’m involved with. Alain Neffe is somewhat the uncrowned king of the Belgian minimal synth scene from the 80′s. Stroom instigator Nosedrip dug deep into Neffes back catalogue & came up with an insane selection. The record will come with the longest liner notes you’ve ever seen. One of the releases of 2016 for sure.

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