Top-5: Egon


Egon aka Apostolos is a Greek London based record collector and DJ. Three years ago, during the early stages of the Krossfingers project, Apostolos made a mix for us (lucky number 13). This how we met in the internet waves and became friends. We finally managed to meet in person a few weeks ago in London at the Kennedy magazine launch party. We like to call him ‘an old fashioned man’: when he plays House music – it will be Chicago House, when he has a drink at a party – it will be a Scotch. So, when we asked Apostolos to select a few records from his collection for our Top 5 feature, he came with a bag full of all-time classics. All pics taken at the Barbican centre in London.


Gigi Masin & Alessandro Monti – The Wind Collector LP [1991, Divergo]

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this beautiful sought-after record at a decent price from Red Light Records during a trip I did in Amsterdam a few years ago. “Stella Maris” is my favourite track; a mesmerising, calming, esoteric piece of ambient music, which through its simplicity was engraved on my memory from day one.


John Abercrombie – Timeless LP [1975, ECM Records]

I am a big fan of the 70s and early 80s fusion jazz sound of ECM records. This LP is John Abercrombie’s first studio album produced with the contribution of Jan Hammer on the synthesizer and piano, and the amazing Jack DeJohnette on the drums. The last track of the record offers a brilliant 12-minute journey that slowly builds up and magically stands the test of time.


Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve and Klaus Schulze – Transfer Station Blue LP [1984, Fortuna Records]

I discovered this record relatively recently as I was going through the record collection of a good friend. The track that stands out the most is “Transfer Station Blue”. It blew my mind the first time I listened to it. It’s an obscure, progressive, cosmic tune that as it progresses, it turns into a groovy, dance-friendly jam while still managing to maintain its experimental and avant-garde quality.


Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Galaxy 2 Galaxy 2xLP [1993, Underground Resistance]

This record needs no introduction. It embodies everything I love about the funky, futuristic sound of Detroit Techno of the early 90s. “Hi-Tech Jazz” and “Rhythm of Infinity” are true dance-floor bangers with “Journey of the Dragons” being the personal favourite; a more minimalistic techno excursion well ahead of its time.


Mr Fingers – Ammnesia 2xLP [1989, Jack Trax]

“Ammnesia” offers a very comprehensive introduction to Chicago House. It is full of classic productions that were very innovative and ground-breaking back in time while still managing to sound fresh and relevant almost 30 years after their release. This is a record that never leaves my bag. The hypnotic bass line of “Mystery of Love” and punchiness of “Waterfalls” are the highlights for me.

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Texts Egon, photos Sasha Tessio

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