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Brendon Ginnane is a record collector, graphic designer and dream technician currently living in Sydney, Australia. As far as his taste in music goes he is particular fond of the weird and wonderful in any genre, with a particular fondness for anything with a ‘world’ music flavour. He spent most of last year abroad working in NY and Paris. While over there he made the most of any spare time trawling through dank basements or flea markets looking for new musical discoveries. This is his current favourite 5 records in his collection and for some reason they all begin with the letter “A”. Some words from Donnotella about the top:
“If I had more than 2000 children at home, picking a top 5 of who I’d like to hang out with forever wouldn’t be the easiest task… Luckily I don’t have any children so I don’t have to worry. This is a list of 5 records in my collection that I really love and could potentially play forever. Some were picked because of sentimental value and others because they are so excellent everyone should know them”.

Anita ‎– Amoureuse 7″ (1984, Quartier Musical Must)
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Where to begin with this 7″… OK:
– J.P Massiera and Bernard Torelli – Check.
– Private press – Check.
– French italo AKA FRETALO featuring a young girl singing – Check.
This is seriously nice stuff here, I never bother with the B-side, the A is where the action is.
It’s thumpy enough to get people moving and the synths are so cheeky people usually start spilling their drinks on each other 😉 I’d been chasing this one for so long I began to think it would never show up. Most of the other stuff released on the Quarter Musical Must is worth tracking down some really wonderful stuff.


Andrew Yeah – Crocodile Meat 7″ (1987)
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D.I.Y Private Australian Pub Funk 1987. I have no clue who Andrew Yeah is or where he came from, there are a few traces of him on the net but nothing solid. I picked this 7″ immediately after reading the lyrics printed on the back:

“I don’t care where you come from or what sex you do, Enter at your own risk… I’ll make T.V Dinner of you – CROCODILE MEAT!!!!”

The song is pretty funny and the guy on bass is next level. He probably had to sleep for a week after recording this one because he gives it everything. I think because Australia is so far away from everything, we decide that we have to make our own weird versions of everything and try to incorporate things that are overtly Australian (Flora, Fauna, Geographic locations etc). This 7″ is a prime example. I’ve been really getting into collecting Australian and New Zealand private press stuff. There is SO much good stuff out there that never got picked up by the majors. Its not always easy to find, but it is out there if you keep your eyes peeled. -Last year I found a huge stash of Australian alternative and private punk in Montreal… fairly reasonable prices too.
P.S. I have a spare of this for trade if anyone is interested.


François Thevenon ‎– Automatic 7″ (1984, Disc’Az)
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The A-side Automatic is really really good… But the B-side is mental.
Not the easiest to mix in because of the slow fade at the start but once it gets going hold on for the wild Clavinet solo (I think it’s a Clavinet??? Someone please tell me what that instrument is!). It goes absolutely bonkers! I haven’t come across anything even close to similar to those sounds. The only downside to this track is thats its pretty short… That being said, How long can you stay on a bull at the rodeo??


Arvo ‎– Oriental Exotique 12″ (1984, CBS)
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This one is fairly well known now. Promo only release from CBS Australia in 1984.
I dug my copy out of a dusty cave a few years ago and paid $2. Now there are a few people flogging them on Discogs for outrageous prices. It’s kinda an Australian attempt at an Italo-ish synth pop tune with nice Balearic undertones. ‘Bikini’ is the track. It’s about a girl going down to Bondi beach to sleep the day away in the sun while hopefully picking up boys via boogie boarding.

‘Learn to ride an boogie board… So I can land a real good sort.”

Its totally dumb but fantastic at the same time. Nice angelic keys throughout and a little bit of thump to get peoples heads nodding. Every time I hear this all I can think about is a Campari and maybe a few prawns.
PS: here is another track about bondi beach life, totally cringeworthy stuff and so over the top Australian.
-The B-side ‘Pink Trees’ is where it’s at tho, tough synth instrumental 😉


Aragon – Aragon LP (1985, Invitation)
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New age ethno bliss. This LP is one of those ones that you can put on at any time, listen to and think “Everything is going the be ok”. The whole thing is amazing. I was lucky enough to buy a friends spare copy. For me the track is ‘Horridula’. Its enormous. Absolutely destroys sound systems with new age vibrations. I once played it out and thought I was potentially going to transition to the next life. The other stand out for me is ‘Polaris’. It’s exquisite. Really nice chuggy synths with dream like vocals. Can’t recommend this one enough!


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