Top-5: Dmytro Nikolaienko


Dmytro is our friend from Kiev, sound experimenter, meticulous selector. He’s founder of record label called Muscut releasing electronic, experimental, krautrock stuff. We heard Dmytro DJing back in 2012 and it was amazing: he mixed nostalgic Polish orchestra with expressive Bossanova, The Can and La Ritournelle. So we asked the man to select his five favorite records and Dmytro didn’t disappoint us!


Andrey Petrov – Amphibian Man OST, 1962 (7”, Melodia)

I think this is the best ever record of Melodia label as well as one of my top-10 movie. Amphibia Man — is a 1962 Soviet science fiction romance film with soundtrack by Andrey Petrov, which is also his first work as recording music for films. The first track “Pearl Fishing” is a main movie theme, which combine early electronics (vibrato mode synth solo by Petrov) with a symphonic orchestra accompaniment. The rest of the record they play their own vision of Latin America exotica. A pearl of my collection which I caught on Kiev’s flea market.



Various – Electronic Music (played on synthesizer ANS), 1969 (10″, Melodia)

The very first Soviet issue of electronic music only which created on legendary ANS synthesizer (named in honour of the composer Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin) — a photoelectronic musical instrument created by Evgeny Murzin from 1937 to 1957. The technological basis of his invention was the method of graphical sound recording used in cinematography which made it possible to obtain a visible image of a sound wave, as well as to realize the opposite goal — synthesizing a sound from an artificially drawn sound spectrogram. Great record with a few beautiful compositions from soviet early electronics pioneers such as Eduard Artemyev, Stanislav Kreitchi, Alexander Nemtin and Shandor Kallosh.



I Hear A New World – An Outer Space Music Fantasy by Joe Meek, 1960 (Re, LP, 2013, Poppydisc)

Originally released as 7” single in 1960 on his own “Triumph” label. Meek actually was a producer of famous British pop/surf rock band The Tornadoes, but this record is a great example of early experiments with wide range of sound effects created by such kitchen-sink methods as wiki says: “blowing bubbles in water with a straw, draining water out of a sink, shorting out an electrical circuit and banging partly filled milk bottles with spoon” — those are really hard to detect by listening, but there are lots of tape manipulations, echoes and reverberations — as all we love. Sounds weird in a good way.



Silver Apples – Silver Apples, 1968 (Re, LP, 2009, Kapp Records)

Precious and influential electronic/psychedelic duo which formed in 1967 in New York. Electronically-generated melodies (custom home-made synthesizer known as the “Simeon”), pulsing minimalistic percussions and surreal text songs which I love to sing in a shower, or riding a bicycle.



Palais Schaumburg – Palais Schaumburg, 1981 (LP, Phonogram)
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My favourite Neue Deutsche Welle representatives with their self-named LP. Sounds pretty experimentally, expressively and delicately at the same time. Soft and sweet organized electroacoustic compositions, which somehow reminds me Fehlmann’s solo works. “Wir bauen ein neue stadt” — a song I would like to sing in karaoke.


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