Top-5: Dennis Kane


Dennis Kane is a Legend. The Manhattan-based DJ and artist he’s a key figure in NYC disco scene. He’s been throwing some of the best parties in town for more than decade, Strobe Lodge with Darshan Jesrani is one of it. He also still building Disques Sinthomme / Ghost Town (his two labels launched in 2007) empire, adding a podcast with the best DJs from all over the world: DJ Harvey, Brennan Green, Prins Thomas and more. Dennis picked 5 favourite records for us from his huge collection.

Edgar Froese – Macula Transfer LP [1976, Brain Gemma]
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Edgar Frose is best know for being the founder of Tangerine Dream, but
he has released numerous solo works (and bizarrely even played with William Shatner!) Macula Transfer (title refers to the impact of sun spots on the retina) was recorded in 75’/ 76’ in Berlin. The enigmatic titles are actually named after the flights he composed the pieces on – he made the LP while touring with Tangerine Dream. Squarely in the Krautrock progressive wheelhouse, the LP has great guitar and synth work, nice chord progressions, and a deep dubby soundscape. Turn on, tune in, trip out.


Magnum – Fully Loaded LP [1974, The Phoenix]
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Recorded in Hollywood this sought after Cal Wade produced LP is a progressive soul/jazz/afro/funk gem. Great playing, strong rhythm and horn sections, nice keyboard work, the LP features “Evolution”, “Your Mind”, (used on the Chairman Mao/Citizen Kane selects mix 99’), and my fav “Witch Doctors Brew”. So nice to hear a group of studio players going deep with such style. Miles ahead.


Zig Zag – Zig Zag LP [1978, Pacha]
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Another ‘Holy Grail” record for the cosmic disco heads, done on the odd
French Canadian label Pacha, produced by Dick Torros and Taj Balduc,
It has a number of great jams, and again some serious studio guys taking it to the next level, sexy, deep, and funky. Songs like “Le Prophete”, ‘Disco Fever” and “Stop Stop Stop” still sound super fresh. What impresses about the work of these 70’s records is the high level of musicianship, complexity of the songs and mixture of being both badass and super delicate. (Compare that to bad-edit, simulated techno/deephouse, laptop disco hell of today)


Washington Flyer – Buffalo Bill / Star Dance 7” [1979, EMI]
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Produced by Alan Hawkshaw, Barry Mason & Mike Batt. For me it is the B-side of this UK disco 7”. ‘Star Dance’ is a really beautiful Moroder- like instrumental, pulsing synths, plush strings, a cinematic melody weaves in and out, reminiscent of John Forde or the band Space – a cosmic gem. Again another ambitious and progressive jam, people going for it on the art tip not the career driven one.


Piero Piccioni ‎– Camille 2000 2xLP [1998, Easy Tempo]
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One of the heavyweight modern soundtrack composer’s, this former lawyer gave up his practice and became a force in Italian film. Encouraged by his pal the Michaelangelo Antonioni, Piccioni scored numerous films and television shows. Complex atmospheric work, cosmic, filthy sexy, funky prog, disco, it’s all there. For this soundtrack to Radley Metzger’s erotic masterpiece “Camille 2000” he brings the sleaze, but with tons of unusual instrumentation and subtle playing. Amazing organ and bass on “Pearls”, crazy rock drums on “Funky Lovers”, harp/synth work on the title track and on and on. Call your baby up, open some Bollinger, and put this on the Thorens. (white fur rug optional)


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