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Artem Titeev is our friend from Kiev, passionate DJ and promoter. He started collecting electronic records in 1998 but then switched to authentic music from 50s – 70s on 45’s. Now he has one of the most valuable collections of “black” music in Ukraine. Artem says: “It is always hard to choose favorite records. So I took out records I had used at my latest party from my DJ bag and chose five 45’s. I am sharing it with you right now. Please be my guest :)”

The Hesitations ‎– Is This The Way To Treat A Girl (You Bet It Is) 7″ [GWP Records, 1969]
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This one is classic. It is a composition of a magic beauty, and it survived because of reissuing on Kent Records. It is one of my most favorite records. I don’t play it often on the parties, however it sounds all the time at home.


Carl Carlton ‎– I Can Feel It / You’ve Got So Much 7″ [Back Beat, 1970]
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It is exactly the rare time when both sides sound not just great, but you can’t choose one favorite. I was hunting for this record in the end of 2000’s. From the moment I finally got it, I can easily say, that it is one of my most favorite 45’s.


Edwin Starr ‎– Time / Running Back And Forth 7″ [Gordy, 1970]
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I bought this records because of A-side, it’s a well-known Northern soul killer called Time. Now I play only its flipside. I have a lot of nice moments connected with this record. I have three copies of it, hope it will be enough to play it on every party in the future 😉


9th Street Exit ‎– Let’s Make Sweet Harmony 7″ [Soid Foundation, 1973]
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It’s quite a rare occasion, this 7″ had been laying on my shelves for a long time until last year. Nowadays I play it almost on every party. It has some special influence on me, it touches the right part of my heart, and brings harmony inside of me.


A. Richards ‎– Belizean Girl / Heartaches 7″ [Tiger, ?]
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Soul funk killer came just right from the island. I adore this record. It always blows the dancefloor to the roof. I won’t lie to you. Sometimes when I play it, I can’t do nothing but keep dancing all around. I couldn’t find any information neither about the artist, not about the release. I just know that it was recorded in the late 60’s, in Jamaica, from where basically it came straight to me. I am very thankful to my agent from Kingston for this discovery 🙂




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