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Welcome this Australian talent, “The Golden Boy” Raudie McLeod into our territory of honest sharing of favorite music. Earlier this summer, he released Antinote’s 50th record and curating his own label Super Utu. Expect a declaration of love to the French DIY labels, Dizonord record store and classic “Hey Arne, repress this” 😉


Dave Ball – In Strict Tempo (Some Bizarre, 1983)

Another Dizonord related purchase, this one at the home of Vincent Privat when he traded privately. It was a beautiful summer’s day, Vince had just made some coffee and I was flicking through what he had to offer. Call me ignorant but I had not seen any of these records anywhere. This one I quickly skimmed through as I had to leave. I heard enough strange wavey sounds to figure it was worth the purchase. It wasn’t until later that I really had the opportunity to listen to it and figure it was Genesis P. Orridge singing on “Sincerity” and “Man In The Man” This was before I had touched the Psychic TV catalogue. I was familiar with Throbbing Gristle and obsessed with Chris & Cosey. This LP is special to me because it pushed me further into the realm of the avant-garde. Thanks Vince 🙂


Various – Eine Welt Vol 1 & 2 (Eine Welt 2016 & 2017)
Vol 1 Vol 2

Eine Welt Vol 2 was recommend to me by Dizonord affiliate Xavier’s old record store DDD records.
Vol 1 I’m not sure where it was picked up. The mood that permeates these volumes does the same for me whenever I put the needle on them. I’d like to lock myself in a dark room, sit myself in a comfortable armchair, light a few candles and play these 2 volumes on repeat until I drift into oblivion. I’m not sure who the featured artists are on this V/A. There are a few links on discogs to associated acts but it seems like most of the artists are first timers. Maybe they’re deliberately anonymous. I guess I’ll never know.


Mekîne Ü Teksî – Postanatolîsche Hybrîde – Dîe Steppenroboter LP (Themes For Great Cities, 2017)

This one I wanted for sooooo long. I missed the first pressing and had to wait until the second. Wow ok. I just checked the discogs page and it’s being sharked! Hey Arne, repress this! Themes For Great Cities is one of my favourite record labels. They consistently release high quality record one after the other. They consistently blow my mind too. I’ll still be listening to this for decades to come. I love the instrumentation, the tempo and the arrangements. Thanks for the music Irfan and Murat!


Immortal – The Story Of Immortal (Chranders Records, 1978)

The A-side is a crazy dance floor filler story about a nightmare riddled megalomaniac space commander who after destroying planet Earth was cursed to immortality to help the weak and suppressed. Lyrically It doesn’t make much sense but the infectious disco groove and booming reverb on the vocal make it one of my most fun records to play. The B-side is a really lovely-cum-cheesy phased out tale of an old man reminiscing on his youthful regrets. What makes the record even more humorous is that I believe both songs were written from the perspective of He-man. He’s on the cover


Organizatsiya – Strane Lezioni (besoins premiers, 2019)

Call me biased but the francophones have the strongest left-field music output occurring at present. The amount of DIY/micro labels releasing high quality music is astounding. This one I picked up at Dizonord very recently. I was in the listening corner most removed from the action of the store, where all the 7”s live. I was kindled by the organic stencil imagery and art nouveau motifs printed on the front of the sleeve. The sounds pressed onto the clear vinyl disc aroused equivalent emotions.


Raudie: Soundcloud, Instagram

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