Top-5: Kejeblos

After the excellent podcast he recorded for the series last November, Michael sharing his “favorite finds out in the wild over the last few years” now. Smoky folk, African rhythms, Eastern connection and more stories from the Phantom Island man.

Ras Eilbank – The Same Family

I stumbled across this record while looking through some crates at the latest record fair in Zurich. It looked interesting and I thought I have heard about the artist’s name before so I took a chance. Back home I listened to the first side of the record and I wasn’t so sure anymore if it was a good idea to buy the record. I flipped it over and the first track was bad again but then…


Walid Rouissi – El Omr Hikaya

I found this record during my last visit to Vienna. It’s by a Tunisian artist but was released on an Austrian label. His Discogs artist page states that he „has created a modern hybrid style based on two totally different worlds of music. Afro-Arabic rhythm serves as the bases, combined with European sound, producing a new kind of “Dance Music”. Not authentic RAI, but a mixture of Reggae, Folklore and Jeel music. The origin of his music is found in Calypso and various Arabic-African as well as Latin-American music forms.“ I featured the two best tracks (IMHO) on two of my recent mixes and people seemed to be interested in it. There’s not really any information on the internet so I thought this is a good opportunity to reveal the secret.


Ancient Morning – Ancient Morning (Cocaine Music, 1979)

On a recent walk outside of the city centre of Zurich I stumbled across a thrift store which I had never seen before. I had to go inside and check if they had any records. The owner showed me a small bag. I had a look and there was this interesting looking Swiss one. Back home I checked online and saw that it is actually quite wanted and people are trying to sell it expensive. Most of the tracks are not really my cup of tea but there’s this one track called „Mort D’Aurore“ which is really beautiful and reminds me a bit of Eden Ahbez’s work.


Cheb Tati – El Hammam (Blue Moon Productions , 1989)

I found this during my last visit to one of the best record stores in Switzerland, the Oldies Shop in Bern. I had a look at the Middle Eastern/Rai section and stumbled across this one which looked interesting to me because of Dennis Bovell’s involvement. I featured the vocal version of El Hammam, which is a great mixture of reggae with middle eastern sounds, on the mix I did for Krossfingers. So here’s the Dub Mix.


Leroy Smart – Love Zone (Selector, 1987)

For the last one I chose a record which never left my bag since I found it in a stash of Reggae singles at the great Rec Rec store in Zurich a few years back. The version on the B-side is great to get the party started. There’s a 12“ as well which holds a slightly different version.


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