Top-5: Elena Colombi

Elena is on my radar for a long time because of her proper selections on her own monthly show on NTS. Today, she’s touring constantly, debuted on Boiler Room last year and appeared cool on RA’s ‘Art of DJing’ alongside John Talabot. Recently, she compiled 10 tracks “to start a new life” for my friends at Tight, while here, she decided to select 5 tracks with irresistible vocals. Check it out!

Various Artists – No Order In Destiny (Kashual Plastik, 2019)

A compilation that keeps on giving. I’ve had it on repeat since the kind Frans Ambient gave me a freshly assembled copy (a very unique packaging, check out the pics attached here). Every track is killer, but D4, “Boom Bound Paralysis” by Paul_Arambula has been the absolute winner since the first listen for me. Those vocals!

“Somebody moooooove me”


Various Artists – Les Mystères Des Voix Vulgaires (Divergo, 1990)

Picked this one from Red Light Records a couple of months back, just after a fun session in the studio with Interstellar Funk.
90’s Funk / Jazz / Experimental compilation, with bizarre french vocals featuring on some of the funniest tracks.

Wait until halfway through “André Duchesne – God Economy” to discover a fast change in mood, from soft whispered words to a surprisingly infectious laugh, followed by a “Residents” style chorus, layered with child-like voices.


eMMplekz ‎– Your Crate Has Changed (Mordant Music, 2013)

The whole record is filled with catchy electronic rhythms paired with off-kilter vocals, heaps of delay and reverb. Hilarious lyrics too. The most amusing is probably “Alby’s Riddim” where the artist is having a laugh with a little child (possibly his own daughter?)


Radar ‎– Radar (WEA, 1982)

This was gifted to me from a special person, a few months back.
It took me a wee while to find the record. I thought I lost it!
My collection is currently divided between two different rooms of the house, nothing makes sense…
Top track of the album is “Una Splendida Emicrania”, hands down… such a catchy song. The lyrics describe the struggle with a daily migraine, paired with loss of memory. I can relate to both!


FLUG 8 Hypnotische Wellen (Long Version) (soon on Ransom Note Records, 2019)


Experimental output from Offenbach. The preview clips for this aren’t up yet, but should be very very soon. For now you can enjoy the full track in my latest NTS radioshow.

Hypnotic indeeeeed!

Elena: NTS, Soundcloud, Instagram

Words and pics Elena Colombi

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