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Last month ICI released the immaculate compilation of weird grooves curated by our fellow DJ soFa called Elsewhere MCMXIII. Christoph (his real name) is known for cultivating unusual, disco-not-disco, tribal, organic groove approach to dance music (check out his podcast for us back from 2015). This time we asked him to tell some stories about some special records from his collection.


Sidéros ‎– Cockerill 7″ [Not On Label, ?]


This record was made when Cockerill was one of the biggest metal and steel manufactories in Europe somewhere in the eighties. It was a very massive industrial site and had a huge impact on the development of the city Liège from the early 19th century until it recently ended. The interesting thing about it is how the music illustrates the overwhelming physical size of the site and also the huge impact it had on local peoples lives. When they closed the sites in 2011 it caused massive protests because thousands of families lost their income. Still today the music mirrors very much of the nostalgia and history of this place. It must be magic to walk around the now abandoned postindustrial site while listening to the tune in headphones. I couldn’t find out for what the music has been used when it came out. Probably a documentary or TV add. The inner sleeve contains 3 poems which also talk about the overwhelming thing that was and still remains today



Laboratorija Zvuka* ‎– Ljubite Bez Razlike Supruge I Svastike – Dok Vam Je Još Vreme 7″ [PGP RTB, 1978]


Some nice and weird Krautish synth track from Serbia. Would perfectly go after the Sidéros one to pursuit the walk from Liège into a Serbian industrial desert.



Okay Temiz & Johnny Dyani ‎– Witchdoctor’s Son LP [Yonca, 1976]


I’m not a big jazz lover but when it comes to spiritual jazz it’s often up my alley. This one resulted in an encounter between Turkish maestro drummer and percussionist Okay Temiz and south African jazzman Johnny Dyani. One of those tunes I can listen to on repeat during an hour without getting annoyed by it. I had the chance to put my hands on a copy of this a few years ago and just saw it gets a reissue now. So guys, don’t sleep and get this masterpiece full of beauty!



Sharida Aur Saathi ‎– Sharida Aur Saathi LP [Piroe Productions, 1977]


This song is what they call Chutney music. Many of you might have heard the Lata Ramasar tune that was hyped a few years ago and comes from the same origin. A genre of music that has emerged from Indian immigrants who got deported as servants to Trinidad in the early 19th century. The use of Harmonium and electronic organs make up the electronic sound that was quite ahead of it’s time when being written. Beautiful and very unique music. This album also has another even weirder psychedelic funky tune.



Rahul Dev Buman & Gulzar ‎– Kitaab 7″ [1977, His Master’s Voice]


This is a kids song from the Bollywood movie Kitaab, found in an antique shop in Bangalore/India. It was one of the weirdest and one of the less known tunes I found on this one month digging trip. When I researched about it online I found the excerpt of the movie where the
children are imitating animals, using the school benches for percussion and objects as instruments. Every child’s dream and one of these magic Bollywood scenes where everything is perfectly orchestrated. Always been thinking to do an edit of it, but since I’m so bad at doing edits it never happened. Someone else should do it. Please get in touch if you read this and want the original file to do an edit. I’d be happy to send it to you as long as you send me back the edit which I could play out then 😉


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