Top-5: Denis Riabov


Denis Riabov created “Sincere Music” DJ collecitve alongside Iliya Galych and Sergey Kamenskih in March 2014 : “We played together with friends one day and we liked it. Since then we’re making parties with our friends and interesting guests like Weird Radio, Sputnik, Lipelis, Sergey Lipsky, Interdeer and more. We’re sharing our favorite music with dancers, introducing them to interesting DJs and preparing surprises. For example analogue aesthetics is a part of our concept so Sergey is creating video for our parties with material he filmed with VHS camera. We like the whole process and feedback is really good so we will continue it”

Disco ‎– Disco LP (1979, Melodia)
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It is my favorite Soviet funk disco band. “Mgnovenje, stoj” was the first track I admitted on this record, it is based on such profound groove able to move anyone. Then I loved the whole record with its funk sound, dance rhythms, unique vocal lines and superabilities to recreate well-known hits with their own charm and Russian texts. It’s genial!


Nacht Und Nebel ‎– Victoria 2000 LP (1985, CBS)
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Nacht Und Nebel is a Belgian band from the first half of 80s, created by Patrick Nebel, he died as all great rock stars in the age of 27. Want to admit the unique sound of Victoria 2000 despite the “synth-pop” label, we can feel the rhythms of new wave, house, real groove and unbelievable vocals. The record is very danceable. “Ready To Dance” emphasizes it, I like also the small edit of it from Simple Symmetry.


Arthur Russell ‎– The World Of Arthur Russell 3xLP (2003, Soul Jazz Records)
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I’m familiar with music of Arthur Russell not so long ago, but he got deep into my soul quickly and became one of my favorites since then. I can listen and dance to his music anytime in any condition. The record is really a window into the world of Arthur including at least 5 projects he was part of.


D-Pulse ‎– Prekrasna EP 12″ (2009, Theomatic)
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Sergey Buldakov, DJ from Izhevsk, gave this record to me more than 2 years ago. Prekrasna EP is really beautiful, I’m back to it from time to time, it always sounds light and fresh. It’s cool to understand we’re living in the same city with such great musicians 🙂


Bombers ‎– Bombers 2 LP (1979, Ariola)
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The sound of Bombers’ second album is a quintessential sound of disco for me. Want to admit «(Everybody) Get Dancin’» and “Shake” with Indian motives. I was very happy to buy it in a usual shop in St.Peterburg.


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